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Nadia Does The Work

Introducing: "Redeemed"
Nadia had just moved to the area from New York City. She was an eager young woman with a high school education seeking volunteering opportunities, a job, and a fresh start.

She turned to Christian HELP, quickly got a one-on-one assessment from our intake coordinator, and was assigned to work with Kimberly, one of our career coaches.

They got right down to business. Kimberly asked Nadia what she wanted. Together, they looked hard at Nadia's skill set. By the end of their first meeting, they had crafted an elevator pitch for Nadia to practice and refreshed her resume.

Kimberly says, "Nadia wanted more. She wanted to attend our Central Florida Employment Council job fair and be ready to act on any leads she got. She wanted homework. She wanted to have a cover letter ready before the job fair."

And she did. They met the morning of the job fair, refining her strategy for the afternoon and what would come after. Nadia landed 15 new contacts and got three interviews from our job fair that afternoon! Kimberly worked with her on interview preparation and sent her some more "homework" to do.

Nadia reported back to Kimberly. "I got a job offer from the employer I wanted, and they're going to help with my continuing education!"

These are the types of stories that have happened for the last 30 years at Christian HELP. They make us want to celebrate!

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