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Who Needs "Support?"            

The other day I noticed (or rather stumbled over) a large lump underneath the carpet at one end of my living room. I pushed the rug back and found the wood flooring underneath was sopping wet. Apparently, the brand new AC unit that was installed a month ago had been leaking. Instead of the water draining to the outside, it was dripping onto the floor of my living room. Ugh!

But actually, it was a much smaller problem than it sounds. Because I live in a high-rise, I have the building's maintenance (or support) staff at my beck and call.

To tell you the truth, the idea of having on-call support people around 24/7 was a big factor in deciding to live in a building like this one.

So, around here, the word support usually refers to help, aid and assistance.

But, of course, there's the more obviously physical meaning of support, too. Things like support beams in construction, stakes to keep plants upright, medical devices like crutches or a cast to support broken bones. You get the idea.

One might think that a photographer who was asked to illustrate support, would go for the more physical or object-driven definition. Not so for the all DB&A photographers. Scroll down and see what I mean.

(c ) Neal Wilson (based in the UK)

(c) Jon Love (based in Australia)

(c) Robin Moyer (based in Hong Kong)

(c) Yasu Nakaoka (based in Tokyo)

(c) Rosanne Olson (based in Seattle)

(c) Ron Wu (based in Chicago)

(c) Bill Gallery (based in New England)

(c) Amos Chan (based in New York City)

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Getting back to my living room, Larry, one of my building's maintenance staff, fixed my AC problem. Within two days everything was dry, flat (no lumps) and back to normal. Ahhhh. I love that kind of support!
Stay tuned for next month's word: SUCCESS

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