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Who Will Take Care of You? It’s Unlikely to be Your Kids!

US birthrates are way down! There’s been lots of news on this recently. This Fortune piece states the US birth rate is at its lowest in three decades, the third annual decline in a row . Why is this? It’s mainly a financial thing. Reasons cited were they can’t afford more, cost of childcare, mothers wanted more time for the children they already have, waiting due to financial instability, insufficient paid or unpaid family leave. Intangible reasons such as fears over the economy, population growth, climate change, domestic politics, and global instability also rated high. (Read more)

Who are you planning to have take care of you if you eventually need long-term care? In this generation and those coming, it’s unrealistic to depend on our kids.
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I’m near certain those featured in the award winning, short, difficult film Extremis did not own long-term care insurance (LTCi) and did not discuss their end of life wishes with their family. You can stream Extremis on Netflix.  
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Thanks to OneAmerica for flying me to its Indianapolis Home Office in June, for a one-and-a-half day training on long-term care planning, products, tips, and advance solutions. I am grateful and found the meeting to be very worthwhile.
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