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The final two contenders for the Little ~ Big League Championship are set! Team Gilbert upset Team Smith, advancing to the finals to challenge Team Earley, who scored the victory over Team Burton.  The match will take place at Glenrochie CC on September 24th.  

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First Tee Fundamentals: Tempo

Maintaining a consistent tempo is key to lowering your scores in all facets of the game, particularly when to comes to putting. The amount of time it takes to complete your stroke should be the same no matter how long or short the length of your putt. One of the best tools for practicing tempo is a metronome, most commonly used for assisting musicians.  

You can purchase a metronome, or download a free app like Metronome Beats. Begin by setting the beats per minute to 75. Start your backswing on one beat and strike the ball on the next. Practice this until you get good at timing the stroke to the rhythm. Then, adjust the beats per minute up or down depending on your preference. Once you find the beat that feels most comfortable to you, include the metronome in every practice session.  You should be able to use the same tempo for chipping as well.

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First Tee Core Values: Honesty

Golf is a game that requires the Honesty of players in order to thrive. Golf is different from most other sports where competitors often break the rules intentionally and try to get away with it.

Because you and I are the primary rules officials in golf, it is up to us to ensure that competition is fair. The rules of the game are the most important part, because the game would not exist without them. While it's difficult to call a penalty on yourself, you will feel much better about demonstrating honesty than if you fail to take a deserved penalty and finish with an incorrect score.  

Knowing the rules can also be helpful since they are designed to benefit the player by default.  You can download a free copy here.

How to hold the golf club with Rick Shiels

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