July 3, 2017 --  Who do you depend upon for business success?
           "Who do you depend upon?"
To have any type of success in business the first realization is that we cannot do it alone. Vendors, advertising companies, bankers, attorneys, CPA's, customers and even employees are all who we are dependent upon. In a family business we have to add other family members as well. We are dependent on others, even when we don't like to admit it.
                "Lean on me"
In past centuries, and many third world countries today, families were and are totally dependent upon one another. Each family member does their very best every day for success of the family. As a group, the family offers protection from wild animals, that want to eat you and are a daily threat. They offer protection from enemies who want what they have and the enemy does not. They work hard to ensure that the family is taken care of first. Sharing everything for the survival of the family. They realize without family, as individuals they perish. They cannot make it on their own.
                   "What we forget"
Most of us have forgotten our dependence upon family as an important part of our personal and business survival. None of us could have made it through our childhood without someone caring for our basic needs. In a family business it is the same as the "Lean on me" family. Each member must depend upon one another to do all tasks to the best of their ability, everyday, so each family member can survive. Each member must be thinking of competition like the enemies who are trying to get what you have. Enemies who also are like the daily threat like the wild animals that want to eat you! As a family in business we should be looking out for our family, first. We should be sharing our knowledge and communicating openly so there are "no surprises" that could harm anyone in the family. Too many times we have forgotten how important family is to our success. We get prideful and think we can do it alone. That is when failure happens in relationships and in business.  
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