Weekly Thoughts: March 5, 2018
"Who do you remember to thank?
"Family, Employees, Others?"
I recently had an interesting week. Doctors, nurses, hospital, surgery and recuperation were all a part of the week. It all got me to thinking about the people we appreciate. We all know and show support and appreciation for the major players in our lives, like those doctors and nurses. I also began to give more appreciation to the aids, caregivers, janitors, and food servers etc. that made my stay a little less stressful. They offered a smile, a joke and even a little razzing from time to time. They supported the health care professionals and where just as important to my recovery as the professional healthcare workers. I began to thank them for being who they are and the important role they play in support of others and service to the patients.
Just like my interesting week, we need to remember not just the upfront people, but also those that support them. We usually give the praise and glory to the best salespeople, the best prospectors those who are upfront to our clients and customers. Too often we forget to thank and show appreciation to those who handle the support services of our business. They provide the right products and services to those who sell. They do the invoicing, pay the bills etc. and handle all the "silent" functions that without them there would not be a business.

We must be more aware of the contributions of those who help support our business. We need to share the same gratitude for the support people as for our "rainmakers." If we want our business to be as successful as it possibly can be, we need to recognize and appreciate those people that daily contribute by loyally supporting our business and our upfront people. It is never to late too start and today is a good as any. Take the time and show your appreciation.
Kwaiserism: "It is never to late to appreciate."
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