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Who does what in the broker ecosystem? The debate continues
By Wendy Watson, president of ORBiT Canada

ORBiT recently moderated the debate " Blurring Lines: Who Does What in the Broker Distribution Ecosystem?" at the inaugural Insurance-Canada.ca Broker Forum. Based on feedback, it was a resounding hit! This is definitely a topic worthy of a longer debate, so...

We are bringing together those who have strong opinions on this topic at ORBiT Real Time Day 2016! To start the ball rolling, we are going to ask the same loosely formed question we asked at the forum: " In the future, are brokers solely the acquisition arm in the broker distribution channel ?"

As a discussion involving opposing views, our debate will be respectful, passionate, diverse, and informed.

Our industry is in transition to a future state. This means change! Change requires determination; dramatic change requires innovation, risk-taking, drive, and passion. Innovation requires new ways of collaborating, servicing, marketing, selling and delivering value. We need to think outside the box. We need constructive conflict!

Bring your opinions, your questions, and your thoughts. Join us on May 5th in Mississauga.

Electronic signatures for insurance documents: the opportunity for broker leadership
Guest post by Xenex Enterprises

Xenex "Going paperless" has been a common goal for years but by the looks of our desks, we have a long ways to go. One major stumbling block to achieving "paper-less" was the requirement for wet ink signatures. To address this, legal experts have been working diligently with regulators and standards bodies to establish the legality of electronic signatures. We can now adopt electronic signatures with full confidence of their legality.
  • What is an electronic signature?
  • Are electronic signatures legal?
  • What's in it for me the broker and my clients?
  • How do I introduce electronic signatures into my business flow? 
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