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The Washington Post’s lead story of January 30, 2021, titled “‘Be ready to fight’: FBI probe of U.S. Capitol riot finds evidence detailing coordination of an assault” was written by Devlin Barrett, Spencer S. Hsu and Aaron C. Davis.1 It struck us as peculiar, or more particularly as a brazen example of systemic psychological manipulation.
At the time when Antifa and Black Lives Matter were burning and looting American cities last summer, did The Washington Post and the other major newspapers come with such headlines as “Who’s coordinating and underwriting the looting and burning of American cities?”
Obviously, they didn’t, since that wouldn’t have fit their narrative.
Which of their reporters, for example, asked who was paying for the pallets of bricks dropped along the protest route that ruffians and delinquents would turn into projectiles to break store windows and loot downtown Dallas the next day?
Not a single one brought it up, as far as we know.
The term “gaslighting” originated in 1938 from the story where a husband attempts to convince his wife that she is insane by manipulating small elements of their environment and insisting that she is mistaken, remembering things incorrectly, or delusional when she points out these discrepancies.
Present-day America is living in a perpetual state of gaslighting, as Big Tech’s Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter as well as America’s corporate media conglomerate elites present a whitewashed version of events that is completely at odds with the reality Americans are witnessing with their own eyes.
Big Tech and Mass Media are the perpetrators of this machination, tampering with the objectivity of daylight.
To put a fine point on it, when bullies and hooligans looted stores and burned U.S. cities - along with smashing windows and setting cars on fire - sane Americans recognized that activity as anarchy, whereas media elites depicted it as “peaceful demonstrations.”
When Americans were asking who was funding and orchestrating this lawlessness all over the nation, the silence from the so-called “fair and balanced” press was deafening.
When Americans decried describing insurrection as peaceful protests, media elites branded or even stigmatized those freedom-loving Americans as racists, white supremacists, white privilege, Christian nationalists, and/or Trump lovers.
To be quite clear about this, the Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc. radicals who burned and looted American cities, in our view, find their close match in the sixty-eight or so who broke into the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. Misfits, likely all the product of America’s government-run public education system, which imbued these troublemakers with “shoddy moral character, prone to wickedness, devoid of good sense and moral compunctions.”2
Where is the media’s integrity and objectivity?
While it deserves rightful praise and admiration that America accepts more immigrants than any other country in the world - many are people of color who come in droves to enjoy the freedom and economic opportunity offered to every single American through democratic capitalism [though not available to them in any of the countries they fled] - we are told that America is the “most racist and oppressive xenophobic country on the planet.” Why would people stand in line and illegally cross the border if this were true?
Media elites appear to be perfecting the dark arts of systemic psychological manipulation.
In the context of America’s government-run public education system, we must point out an additional totalitarian trend threatening sustainable freedom for America’s coming generations. As The Hill reported last week, “The Biden administration is coming under pressure from Republicans to support the reopening of schools after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published new research that says that schools can operate safely despite COVID-19.”3
We are having a very hard time understanding why Evangelical and Prolife Catholic Christians would place their children, ever again, in sexularized public schools, which have become the vendors and traffickers in vice.
America’s Evangelical and Prolife Catholic Christians seemingly did not band together during Covid’s contrived pan[ic]demic interruption - the “health emergency” that has a 99% survival rate - to withdraw Christian kids from secularism’s principal seedbeds: public education.
Porn shops, sex shops, and strip clubs were once located in the seedy parts of America’s cities. No longer, as public elementary and secondary education funding now provides counseling and guidance in furtherance of bondage, submission, sadomasochism, and other sordid topics taught under the cloak of Sex Ed.
In this, American public education has taken a page out of the book of the Hungarian Marxist philosopher Georg Lukacs [1885–1971]. As the deputy commissar for culture in the short-lived Béla Kun Bolshevik regime in Hungary in 1919, Lukacs produced the foolproof formula for undermining Western Civilization. Branded “cultural terrorism,” its chief component entailed introducing sex education into the Hungarian school system. 
Before America in the 17th century, Hungary had become a Christian nation in the 11th century. Lukacs seized upon the notion that destroying Hungary’s traditional sexual morals would be a giant leap toward obliterating it as a Christian nation, as well as achieving the overall goal of eroding Western civilization.
The strategy of overturning traditional sexual morality has been embraced and deployed by Lukacs’ disciples in America’s public square and public schools. The means used to achieve this goal were to convince both the public and the scientific world that what was widely regarded as abnormal or deviant sexual behavior was common, and therefore normal, and, consequently, acceptable. Behavior that was common could not be abnormal, wrong or condemned, and laws now exist to punish criticism of behavior once considered abnormal.4
The result, according to historian Bill Lind, was “that all old sins become virtues, and all the old virtues become sins. Homosexuality is a fine and good thing, but anyone who thinks men and women should have different social roles is an evil ‘fascist’.”
The normalization, or even the aggrandizement of such a happy-go-lucky, everything-is-okay lifestyle comes clearly through in the words of the English novelist Aldous Huxley [1894-1963], whose 1932 futuristic novel Brave New World set the tone for the nightmarish world we’re now increasingly seem to be living in.
Considering a meaningless world [a world without God] as providing a valid reason why anyone should do as he wants to, Huxley admitted: “For myself, the philosophy of meaningless was essentially an instrument of liberation. The liberation we desired was simultaneously liberation from a certain political and economical system and liberation from a certain system of morality. We objected to the morality because it interfered with our sexual freedom.”5
Secularism has succeeded in camouflaging itself as somehow “neutral” in regard to religion. Nothing could be further from the truth, for there is no neutrality concerning religion. Not to believe in God is every bit of a religious belief as believing in God, just as believing in God is every bit of a religious belief as not believing in God.
It all comes down to Plato’s two essential questions: 1) who teaches the children, and 2) what do we teach them? Politics is downstream of culture.
Gideons and Rahabs must enter the public square if America is to make it through. Being elected to the local school board would be a perfect start. Pray about it! You may be the Gideon or Rahab that God is calling to stand.
David Lane
American Renewal Project
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