November 2016 
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Who is Affected by Health Insurance Fraud?

The next part of our series about health insurance fraud looks at who is affected. This type of fraud in particular is often regraded as the victimless crime, although it has been proven that this is far from true. While other types of criminal activity, such as assault or theft has very obvious victims, the victim of insurance fraud is often falsely named solely as the insurance company.
Plan Members

In reality health insurance fraud has a negative effect on other plan members. Fraud has a cause and effect relationship with the cost of an insurance plan. As the prevalence of fraud increases so does the rates and premiums plan members must pay for their health plan. This can also lead to more out of pocket expenses that consumers will have to pay, as well as decreased coverage on plans. It has even resulted in physical harm on claimants. There have been reported cases where doctors have performed unnecessary procedures and surgeries on patients in order to receive a financial payment. 

Health insurance fraud also negatively impacts the company. For instance, when an employee falsely exaggerates an ailment for time off or reduced duties it leaves the company short staffed and the employee receiving paid time off with they are capable of working.

Insurance Company

The insurance company is also a victim of fraud. They lose money by paying out fraudulent health care claims. However, in order to mitigate this loss, they increase the cost of plans to all members, including those who need their benefit plan and use it legitimately.
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Be sure to read the next installment of the newsletter which will focus on how everyone can work to mitigate health insurance fraud.