Cooper dealers have one less thing to worry about - lowball online prices ruining their day. We talked about this back in January and Cooper has continued to add more lines. Here’s a refresher: Cooper has implemented a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy for online sellers. The idea is that they can punish online sellers for offering Cooper tires at too low of a price. Lines covered now are AT3’s, ST MAXX, HT3, SRX, CS5, G1, and the STT Pros just joined the party too. They say this applies only “to online advertised sellout price... we believe our MAP policy will help to stabilize and protect advertised prices in support of the Cooper brand value...” After some secret shopping I have to agree. Months ago, I checked out the top 10 Discoverer AT3s on Tire Rack and Discount Tire sites. Surprise, surprise, they were both in compliance. Maybe we can all get along after all. They do want all Medallon dealers to visit to register for access to the MAP portal. If you play along by registering you’ll know all the prices and procedures and I’m told there is even a cool little button you can press to turn in violators.