June 6th - 13th, 2018

   23 Sivan - 30 Sivan 


This Week:
Wednesday,  June 6th,
  12:15pm Feed the Hungry Cooks
  3:15pm Tea & Torah with Rabbi Bellush
  3:30pm Class begins

Thursday, June 7th,
 Golf Outing at Inwood Golf Course - Honoring Bob Linsky
 5:00pm  Cocktails and Dinner 

Friday, June 8th,
 8:00pm Pride Shabbat Service 
  Guest Speaker Rabbi Victor Appell
Saturday, June 9th,
 9:30am Torah Study
For commentary from the Reform Voices of Torah for this week's Torah portion click here
 10:00am Tot Shabbat
Sunday, June 10th,
 9:00am Caring Community bakes
 10:30am Salon - Free Film "Bombshell: The Hedy Lamar Story"

Monday, June 11th,

T uesday,  June 12th,
 8:00pm Budget mtg. (Greta's house)
Wednesday, June 13th,
 12:15pm Feed the Hungry Cooks 

Golf time!!
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honoring Bob Linsky
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A message from Rabbi Bellush

Early on the morning of Saturday, June 28, 1969, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning persons protested following a police raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar at  43 Christopher Street , in NYC. This and further protests over the following nights created a milestone moment in the modern LGBTQ rights movement. As a result of this initial step, and many that came afterwards, the month of June was chosen for LGBTQ Pride Month.

Our support of LGBTQ rights is based on the very basic belief that all human beings are created  b'tselem Elohim (in the Divine image). That all humans are created in the image of God means that every person, every soul, whether they self identify as transgender or lesbian or gay, bisexual, or questioning, we welcome them and embrace who they are. An expression of LGBTQ Pride by straight and cis-gender allies is a statement in support of human dignity and civil rights. I look forward to making this statement as a congregation at our services this coming Shabbat, as we celebrate LGBTQ Pride.

                                           Rabbi Bellush
Join us on Friday, June 8th for our Pride Shabbat Service with our special guest Rabbi Victor Appell
Rabbi Appell will be talking about the strides made by both the larger LGBTQ and Jewish LGBTQ communities since he served as a Rabbinic intern at Temple Emanu-El, and the unique role that Reform synagogues can play in supporting the LGBTQ community.

Rabbi Victor Appell was ordained in 1999. He served as rabbinic intern at Temple Emanu-El from September 1996-June 1997. Rabbi Appell has served as a congregational rabbi, as Director of Small Congregations and then as Editor-in-Chief of Ten Minutes of Torah at the Union for Reform Judaism, and as Program Manager for the Central Conference of American Rabbis. He is currently the Reform Community Rabbi and Senior Jewish Educator at Rutgers Hillel in New Brunswick, NJ. Rabbi Appell, his husband and their two sons live in central NJ.
Join us on Sunday June 10th for the
 Long Island Pride Parade in Long Beach.
Contact Rita and Bruce Kerner for details
 or the Temple Office
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Temple Am Echad is an open and affirming Reform congregation welcoming families and singles, persons with disabilities, Jews of all races, cultures, sexual orientations and gender expressions, as well as Jews-by-choice and interfaith families.  It is our belief that the fabric of our Temple community will be enriched by your participation.
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