Their families, their friends – and I – keenly miss their physical presence.

In these days of December, we who live north of the Equator yearn for light, for life. So many religions, born north of the equator, reflect that yearning for light. Buddha’s birthday, Hanukah’s Miracle of Light, the birth of Jesus, return of the Sun – marked by Mayan pyramids in the Yucatan and Native American mounds in Missouri and Ohio with pinpoint precision. South of the Equator, the origins of Kwanzaa in Africa thank the sun for the first fruits in their Summer Solstice.

Life – comings, goings, births, deaths. The rhythm that is in us, that we are part of together.

This moment, wherever you are, in whatever latitude, whatever situation – if you are reading this, you are alive. Truly amazing. Honor yourself and the life you have been given. Take a few minutes to do the Oasis Sanity Tip.

Warm greetings,