December 2018

I hope 2018 was a tremendous success, both personally and professionally.  

We close out the year with a familiar theme: create solutions that make customers measurably better at their business and then deliver, market and sell them in a manner that drives consistent and profitable growth for your organization .

If that theme resonates, a portfolio approach to managing, marketing and selling your products is the key to success. 

Enjoy our December issue and have a safe and happy holiday season. 

In This Issue
  • Who's Minding Your Product Portfolio...Beside Your Customers?
  • Positioning Technical Features to Sound Simple
  • How to Get More Product Management From Your Product Managers

Who's Minding Your Product Portfolio...
Beside Your Customers?

You build products, you market products, you sell products and you implement products. That's how you make money.

Your customers on the other hand, have something completely different in mind. What is it and how does it help you improve the value of your product portfolio?

In the Trenches!

Positioning Technical Features to Sound Simple

Our product is very unique technically, but we're having trouble positioning technical features in non-technical terms. No one understands our unique value. Any suggestions?
Your On-Demand Personal Trainer
We're Not Talking About the Gym and New Year's Resolutions
We are however, talking about New Year's resolutions that can make your solutions more indispensable 2019!

Imagine that your resolution for 2019 is to make the business goals of your target customers the focal point of every product, marketing and sales initiative?  

Think about how it would change the complexion of every conversation because it forces everyone to think first about WHAT's most important to your customers and WHY it's critical to their business success. 

Now, put your products into that customer goal context, and everything gets exponentially easier.

Take this  New Year's resolution seriously and learn how to make the business goals of your target customers the focal point of everything you do in product management, product marketing and sales. You'll love the simplicity and the results.

It has never been easier for teams or individuals to learn with Product Management University On-Demand.
The Playbook
How to Get More Product Management From Your Product Managers  Headcount vs. Org Structure

If you've ever wondered why some athletes are great with one team but not so great with another, the difference is usually in their supporting cast. The same philosophy applies to your product management function. Here are three steps to help you get more product management from your product managers.
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