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Legislative Roundtable Meeting – No On Prop 15: The Split Roll Property Tax Measure
Tues., August 25 | 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.

This month’s Legislative Roundtable will be featuring guest speaker Tino Rossi. He is representing the No On Prop 15 campaign, the official opposition campaign to the proposed commercial property tax increase on the November ballot. The Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce is opposed to Proposition 15.

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Chamber Receives 11th President's Circle Award
The Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce has been honored with the California Chamber of Commerce President's Circle Award! This award is given to the highest quality chambers in the state who excel in government affairs and assist their members with complicated human resource issues and policy.

This is the 11th time our Chamber has received the President's Circle Award, every single time it has been offered.
Our local business community is facing new challenges, and as we all work together to navigate this uncharted territory, the #ShopConejo campaign is here to serve as a reminder of the importance of buying local. Our President & CEO, Danielle Borja, visits XO Bloom in and shares why it is important to support local businesses.