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Who’s Really Who? Angels, Gods, Higher Beings—
A Mystical Perspective

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Most who have traveled the path of metaphysical, and more specifically, mystical spirituality, agree there is but one Ultimate Life, Universal Consciousness, Spirit, or God throughout the Universe, existing on and as multiple dimensions of expression. Between human consciousness as it currently exists in the majority of people, and the Ultimate Supreme Consciousness, or God, there exists a wide divide that eventually every soul must experience when awakening to the Ultimate Reality or God.

Throughout recorded history, people have described visions of higher beings. They have been described as angelic, god-like or goddess-like, Christ-like, Buddha-like, Krishna-like, and so on. When such experiences occur, the recipient feels inspired. Nothing needs to be spoken in the traditional way of human communication; instead, there is an exchange of energy as the communication. The person who has had such a vision or visions feels a greater certainty that there are higher beings that exist in higher dimensions of consciousness, giving rise to an assurance that there is life beyond this physical dimension, and that life can exist in a higher, more spiritual way than earthly existence.

Text taken from Dr. Paul Leon Masters’ Book,
"Mystical Insights: Knowing the Unknown," Pgs. 131–133.

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Each day there is a free 3 to 4-minute "Improve Your Life" audio message and meditation from Dr. Masters offering insights into daily living. Some of the topics include love, happiness, abundance, positive thinking, and navigating daily living during these times. The messages will inspire you to rise above any challenges in your life.

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"Creating a Good Karma Future"

From Dr. Paul Leon Masters'
Inspirational Lectures Series

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In Reality, both the present and the future exist in One Eternal Moment of God’s Time, meaning, what will be, already is. So to create a good future, simply be in agreement that the future—which has already happened—is good. You are then invoking whatever it takes to fulfill that prophecy.
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"Group Karmic Consciousness"

From Dr. Paul Leon Masters'
Timeless Wisdom Series

In the same way that it is believed that we choose our parents when incarnating, it is also believed that we incarnate within a group within a certain time period in history. Our karmic energy flows within this group that we came in to the world with, in accordance to our soul's purpose.
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From Dr. Paul Leon Masters'
Voice of Meditation Series

Love is the ever-present energy of God that surrounds us at all times. It’s in the very air around you. This meditation takes you deeper into this loving energy that radiates from deep within so you can experience the completeness, protection and security that is God.

The Spirit-Presence within you is who and what you are. Sometimes people and situations in our lives can deplete those feelings of being loved and appreciated, and can make you feel sad, abused and taken advantage of.

This meditation guides you to go deep within your heart, mind and soul where Love dwells. As you go within, you’ll feel calmer, more secure, appreciated and loved by the gentle presence of God within you.

Prayer Treatment

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Please take a moment to read what Dr. Masters
has to say about improving relationships with others

Through my daily practice of meditation, I am intuitively guided
on improving relationships with others.

Meditation allows you to be aware and sensitive to God/Universal Presence and other people.

• The sensitivity you have to God’s mind within your own provides you with intuitive divine direction in first, choosing the right people with whom to associate, and next, how to interact positively with your choices

Every time you enter meditation, you are improving your chances for bettering a relationship. Why is this the case?

• The reason is that you are more divinely guided on what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.

• In essence, the more you open your mind to God, the more God’s mind opens you to the minds of others.

• The more open the minds of others are to you, the greater the opportunity to improve a relationship. Often the more open you are to your own soul, the more open you are to the souls of others.

• The daily practice of meditation can be an enormous consciousness aid by affecting the consciousness of others in a positive way.

—Text taken from Theocentric Psychology, Volume 3, Lesson 9.

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The IMM respects the individuality and independence of its graduates, practitioners, ministers, counselors and teachers. The IMM places no restrictions in the naming of a graduate’s endeavors. Members are granted great latitude in how they teach, and even the nature of their teachings. The IMM encourages independent research, points of view, and the use of individual talents and modalities.

During these uncharted times you have the opportunity to empower yourself and others and to make a difference towards the betterment of humanity.

We thank you for your intention to make the world a better place for all of us.

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Timeless Wisdom
Since 1959, Dr. Masters had conducted full time research and teaching into the exploration of consciousness, synthesizing results from research experience with science, psychology and the mystical teachings of Christ and others. This is the basis and foundation of the life improvement instruction and consciousness exploration practice that he shared with those seeking a more enlightened spirituality with which to live their lives.

Inspirational Lectures

Over the course of his lifetime of service, Dr. Masters presented a large number of inspirational lectures during his Sunday services. Presented here are those given between 2006 and 2008. Almost all of them began with a meditation or healing treatment, after which he presented a teaching and included an affirmation.
Mystical Insights
- Knowing the Unknown

Dr. Masters dedicated over five decades of full-time professional work involving the research and application of his findings to improve human lives. His soul's fulfillment was to share how Universal Mystical Presence and psychic/mystical energy factors influence every aspect of our lives. 

Dr. Masters explores these concepts and shares his realizations and wisdom with Mystical Insights.

Spiritual Mind Power

Affirmations to Be Used Together with the Inspirational Lecture Series

Affirmations are a cornerstone of Dr. Masters' teachings. The collection of affirmations within this book stand as a testament to Dr. Masters' belief in the power of positive thinking, and using affirmations to advance and enlighten all areas of the human experience and to elevate human potential.
Meditation Dynamics
Touch the Spirit of Infinite Love, Life, Wisdom, and Peace through Meditation

Dr. Masters' new and improved version of Meditation Dynamics includes an abundance of practical meditation exercises that will assist you in opening to higher levels of self-realization, inner happiness, and outer success. 
Meditation Dynamics is a how-to book with emphasis on the actual practice of meditation, self-hypnosis, and related metaphysical disciplines.

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