New Safety Meeting Topics Alert!
We are proud to have added several new PowerPoint presentations for you and your team to use in your safety meetings! These resources are available to our loyal members. Be sure to take advantage of them, and keep your team focused on safety!

This is another OSHA required training that must be completed every two years. We are required to have in our possession a current CPR card. With the continued improvements and or changes to CPR techniques, it is a must to keep up to date on our rescue skills.
Defensive Driving for Large Vehicles

What does “defensive driving” mean? As commercial drivers, we have a responsibility to the public to always operate our large vehicles in a safe and secure manner. With the changes in traffic, weather conditions, road conditions, and whatever else comes our way, we need to be prepared. We need to be defensive drivers.
Digger Derrick Operator Training

Do we really have time for digger operator training? After all, time is money. With the rising costs of repairs, not to mention the down time, this makes the need for proper digger derrick operator training more important, not less. We can’t build power lines without diggers, nor can we keep them on the line without properly trained operators.
Disaster Site Hazard Awareness

What a disaster! Or is it? I’m not sure! What should I do? It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t know something, you just don’t know. Disaster Site Hazard Awareness is a good tool to have under your hat.
Electrical Safety for First Responders

First responders are all amazing people! They are the first ones to the scene of an accident, and they are usually the last ones to leave. What can we do to help keep them safe? This presentation is a must for all EMS personnel. 
Fall Protection

It isn’t the fall that hurts, it’s the sudden stop. What can we do to prevent this law of gravity from hurting us? "Fall Protection is just for beginners," right? "We old hands don’t need it!" Famous last words! We are ALL in need of fall protection in one form or other.
Hot Line Tools

Have you ever wondered how many lineworkers were injured or killed over the years in the development of hot line tools? Because of them, your jobs have been made easier and so much safer. What a wonderful invention hot line tools are. We should learn about and appreciate them every day. 
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