Here in Honduras, “The Day of the Child” is celebrated on September 10. We made packages of a variety of sweets to give to all the children who participate in our mission programs.

We managed to make 65 bags with sweets. The group is always good at working together even with practicing social distancing. The ladies are always willing to work and they truly motivate the rest of us to stay active . These types of activities remind us that God is always present despite the situations in which we find ourselves.

The community sees that we remain active and that we continue to care for the children who are part of our Christian Education program, and these activities also reinforce our program with LeadaChild ministries.

We are very grateful for your help and attention to our Lutheran ministry here in this place. We are aware that this disease has affected many countries, and that the recovery is not immediate . Despite that, we feel blessed by the Lord through all that He provides to us during this time.