July 2017

Who Is In Your Team's Bullpen?
By Kathy Daily

It's baseball season and every coach knows their "go-to person" in a tight situation. For example, a relief pitcher is the person the team relies on when the star pitcher isn't able to perform. Having a relief pitcher for any business sounds like a good idea, right? Who is your farm operation's relief pitcher? Do they have the tools to do the job? Learn More

Bottari Family Creamery

Josh and Tory Bottari of the Bottari Family Creamery in Lamoille,
Nevada specialize in Farmstead Artisan unpasteurized sheep's milk cheese, naturally grass finished lamb, raw wool, and soap products. They began their adventure in 2003, when sheep dairies began their rise in popularity as hobby farms across the United States. Their goal is sustainability while embracing modern agriculture techniques
to produce a quality product. Learn More

Current Ratio

The current ratio is a liquidity ratio that measures an individual/company's ability to pay short term debt obligations. The higher the ratio the lower the risk. The ratio generally measures payments due within twelve months. Lenders want this ratio to be at a minimum of 1:1, but preferably at 1.35:1 or higher.

Current Assets/Current Liabilities= Current Ratio


Crank up the grill and try out this delicious recipe for Cheesy Can Burgers.