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December 16
“Hark the Herald Angels Sing”

Angels were a big part of the 1 st Christmas stories and they are a big part of the Church’s Christmas Playlist. What about today? What’s the message angels bring to Christmas in 2018?

Christmas Playlist- We took a poll, listen to your picks (the Congregation's Playlist) HERE.
We've had our staff put together their favorites on a playlist as well!
Ready to spread some Holiday cheer?
Join us for Christmas Caroling tomorrow, December 15th!
Christmas Carol with us at local care centers from 3:30-4:30pm. Three locations: Brookside Inn, Bonaventure, or Silver Heights Care Center. We will carol and then come back to New Hope for a Pizza Party at 5:15pm. Please email Alice ASAP if you would like to participate.
Bring your Giving Forest gifts- The Big Sort is THIS week!
Please make sure to bring the gift- UNWRAPPED AND WITH THE TAG ATTACHED- to New Hope by THIS Sunday, Dec. 16th. You can still buy grocery cards as well. Stop by our kiosk in between services to buy grocery gift cards for $25. Questions? Call Mike Dennis 303.521.8610 or email here .
Did You Accept the Christmas Challenge?
Last Sunday afternoon, we sent out a “Christmas Challenge”:

This month I am asking if you will be one of those people who will help make New Hope a place of new beginnings for others.”
People were asked to commit to one or more of the responses (with the percentage of people who committed to each so far)

  • I will pray for the mission & ministry of New Hope to be a place that reaches out to our community with the love of Christ. (95%)
  • I will give a sincere welcome to those around me on Sunday mornings, and especially to those who are visiting. (85%)
  • I will invite at least one person to attend church with me this month. (63%)
  • (For those on Facebook) I will “Like” the New Hope Facebook page. (54%)
  • (For those on Facebook or Twitter) I will “Share” at least one meaningful post/tweet from New Hope. (39%) 
How about you? Have you responded yet? You can by clicking here.
New Pastor’s Class for 2019!
Join Russ as he starts a 6-week class on “Dietrich Bonhoeffer: His Life, Lessons and Legacy.” Bonhoeffer was one of the giants of the 20 th century, but his real impact may be yet to come! Pastor’s Class meets on Wednesday evenings (6:30-8:00) or Thursday mornings (10:30-12:00), so choose the one that works best for you! We start the week of January 9 th /10 th and finish the week of February 20 th /21 st . Copies of the book "Bonhoeffer for Armchair Theologians" are $18 and can be found in Fellowship Hall for purchase or you can find it online as an e-book.
Register for Wednesday class here. Register for Thursday class here.
The Denver Brass! at New Hope
January 13 at 3pm
… an elite ensemble recognized throughout the U.S. and the world as one of the premier ensembles of its kind- setting itself apart through its sound, original repertoire, recordings and concert productions. The trademark sound of The Denver Brass features a dazzling array of more than 13 distinct brass instruments plus percussion, utilizing mutes, technique and sound expertise to produce a rainbow of sound phenomena - not a band, not an orchestra, an entirely new sound. Originally a classically-oriented ensemble, today they feature a musical palate as diverse as the culture of the western US to present a sound experience that makes an impression long past the final chord of the concert.  
Cost is $10 person, or $20 per family. Click here to purchase tickets , or pay that night at the door.
Starfish- Group Support for Grieving Children
Meets every other week beginning January 28th from 7-8:15pm
The mission of Starfish is to support children and their families through grief. This group is designed to help children recognize, express, and embrace their thoughts, questions, and feelings about their loss. In order to ensure Starfish is the appropriate group to meet your child's needs, preregistration is required. For more information and the application, email the facilitator, Karrie Filios, HERE.
Voices of Hope Podcast
Find all of New Hope's sermons and our Voices of Hope series. Listen to interviews with different members of our church about how faith intersects with their lives. Check out our podcasts here.
Habitat for Humanity (Loaves & Fishes)
The home continues to progress, and it’s a great opportunity to work with others from New Hope and make a difference! The build will likely wrap up by the end of January, so register for your preferred day(s) while they are still open. For more info, email Dave Arnett or Jennie Avila