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September 2019
Ba de ya, say do you remember
Ba de ya, dancing in September
Ba de ya, golden dreams were shiny days!

Can you name that band?
Eileen's Lesson:
Do you use Waze, Google Maps or one of those awesome GPS tools to find your way to places? I know I do.
The other day, my husband and I went to an engagement party at someone’s home. It was a new home for them, so we had only been there once before. We plugged the address into the GPS and proceeded to drive and eventually got that “You have arrived” greeting.   We parked the car, got out and saw a party going on in full swing. As we entered, we looked around: balloons, cake, and cute little drink koozies saying, “congratulations on your engagement”. However, the house seemed changed and I could have sworn that their street number was a different one than what the mailbox stated. More importantly, we didn’t recognize a soul there. However, we asked someone if this was the Jones (not real name) house and he said, "Yes". So we continued into the party with my famous chocolate brownies and our gift and searched for what to do with them. Someone saw us searching and said, “Are you looking for John and Andrea?” “Who are John and Andrea?” 

Yes, we were at the wrong engagement party. Turns out there are two streets in the town with the same name. The other street, with the party we were attending, was about two miles down the road.

The same thing happens in the workplace. Many times, we rely so heavily on tools that we don’t realize that the tools are leading us down the wrong road until we are walking back out with our brownies and gift. What do we do? We need to constantly reevaluate our tools, methods and procedures so that we are able recognize when it is time to make a change.

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Team Spotlight
Jill Updike Rejoins The HR Team

Jill is a hands-on, dynamic professional with over 20 years of human resources management experience working in the fields of high technology, government contracting, manufacturing, and healthcare. Her areas of expertise are in compensation design and administration, benefits strategy and operations, HRIS, recruitment and retention, performance management, and staff training & development.

Dessie Sanz Joins The HR Team as a Consultant

Dessie has more than a decade of human resources management experience, and possesses particular expertise in large-scale recruiting, managing and maximizing employee performance and engagement, and the delivery of superior internal customer service. Dessie is passionate about bringing leading-edge technological solutions into HR functions in order to simplify and streamline processes.

Melissa Ferrell Promoted to Senior Consultant

Melissa has over 19 years of human resources experience with a specialization in talent management including workforce planning, recruiting, training, performance management, employee development and employee engagement. She also has significant experience managing employee relations, benefits, compensation and compliance issues.

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