September Newsletter
September 26, 2020
Meet Placide Pierre Begens and his students!

Placide Pierre Begens is an amazing and dedicated art teacher at Ecole du Village. His passion for art is only surpassed by his passion for teaching. In his own words: "I like teaching children because they are the ones that will replace me in the future. That is why I put all my energy into sharing all my knowledge with them."

Placide is 29 years old and started painting when he was six. He attended Painting School at Kaykok Community Center, and one of his favorite things about painting is how it helps us observe nature in a better way.
Placide's students showing their works of art. Placide in front of Ecole du Village, showing the portrait he presented to our founder Ines Lozano last year.
Your donations help us pay the salaries of teachers like Placide and buy art supplies throughout the school year. Please consider donating to Flying High For Haiti.
Re-building after Tropical Storm Laura

Sadly, last August, tropical storm Laura destroyed Felisita Viedaz home in Ile a Vache. Felisita and her 4 children became homeless when the storm caused the collapse of their shack. 

After this devastating event, the family has found peace knowing that contributions from the Buy a Home Build a Home program and an anonymous donor from The Rotary Club of Key Biscayne will make it possible for FHFH to build a new house for Felisita and her four kids.
Felisita Viedaz with her 4 children: Gladice viedaz (21), Larochel Albi (14), Jouvens Altema (8), and Blanson Laveau (11) in front of what remains of their shack.
Distribution of Water Filters

Wonderful News from the island! The students at Ecole du Village will now be able to use rainwater for drinking and personal hygiene safely!  
Each student received a water filter donated by Hope for Haiti and received training on adequately using and maintaining it by our school administrator, Jean Sauny Pierre. Thanks Hope for Haiti!
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