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January 2016
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USATF SE Region Masters Indoor Championship
Winston-Salem, NC, USA
February 21, 2016 

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It was an exciting moment for us - the 2015 Most Improved World Ranking trophy arrived. It is really nice and we hope to give it, the Most Improved WMA Regional Ranking and the case prizes to each of the recipients soon. In order to do that, we need to finish the 2014 & 2015 rankings plus refine the award criteria. That is a lot to do but we can get it done especially if you help us by getting us all the meet results and / or national rankings that you can. We would be thrilled to show you how you could upload and process meet results & rankings lists too - contact us to set something up. You can view the awards leader board by clicking on the link on the left side of this newsletter.          
Come see us (and the trophy) in Providence, RI & Winston Salem, NC 
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Click here for our announcement. We are getting out to competitions as much a s we can this year so we can meet you and hear how we can improve this site to serve Masters Athletes better. You can talk to us about anything so bring on your suggestions, comments and complaints. Let us know if you want to get together outside of the meet and we will make arrangements with you. We will be honored to accept any donations you feel the site and our work is worthy of.  

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Site is changing in February

We have been working hard to implement the improvements

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and add the features that we mentioned in last month's newsletter. Most of the changes and improvements we make are subtle and can be easily missed.  The site changes we are making now will be major and obvious! You will see pages change over the coming weeks. The site will be mobile friendly, easily navigated, faster and will facilitate future expansion and improvements. 

You read in December's newsletter that there are other improvements on the way. The Rankings Advisory Board (RAB) is deliberating on some topics per their plan and we hope to enact change based on the feedback.  The RAB could use members from Asia and South America (plus more members from Africa and Europe) - let us know if you are interested and willing. We are also working on the 400 meter hand time (changing the programs), creating a combined indoor / outdoor rankings list, creating a list with only legal performances plus some surprises (have you noticed any differences in the way some of the pages work and their speed?).  We will keep you informed through the newsletters and on the site.   

Ranked Athlete Spotlight

Tim Stones, South Africa
Tim doesn't let life's challenges prevent him from competing.  He has had a few years with muscle weakness challenges, which make running tough, but he still gets out there and gives it his all because running is an indelible part of who he is.  He is a deaf person and, following his first muscle weakness 'event' in which he was hospitalized for a month and had to learn to walk again with the aid of a stick, he recovered, and had the privilege of running at the World Deaf Athletics championship in 2008 (Turkey), qualifying for the Deaf Olympics (Taipei, 2009), in the marathon. He relapsed after the Deaflympics, but recovered again to run at the SAMA champs in 2010.  He has since run in three SAMA national champs. Recently he was hospitalized and diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, but remains positive that this will not stop him from running. He is not quite the athlete he was anymore, but LOVES being a part of the Masters family which enables him to still keep a competitive vibe in his life while, most importantly, fueling his love for this wonderful sport of ours. 
By the Numbers / Meet Results

These are the meets and performances added in January:
  • 17,296 performances added (872 by athletes)
  • Representing 6,548 athletes from 61 countries
  • 2,289 more athletes represented.
Complete Meet Results Added:
Most of you know how passionately we are about this site. Your stories about the impact the site has to your lives is really motivating. It is also inspiring which has led to much of what we've planned this year. We hope our work really inspires you too and your performances far exceed your expectations this year.

Stay healthy and have fun!
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