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Spring cleaning has begun! With that come some changes to the website.

Please note that the  ELT Portal has been relocated to the resource center on the main menu of our website.

You may access the ELT portal by clicking here 
Thanks everyone and keep up the great work you are doing.
Christie Higho
Program Manager 

Public Programs

Toronto: March 24-25, 2015

New York: May 19-20, 2015

Toronto: June 16-17, 2015
Toronto: June 18-19, 2015

Toronto: Sept. 22-23, 2015

New York: Oct 6-7, 2015

Toronto: Nov. 24-25, 2015

Toronto: Nov. 26-27, 2015

We wrote the book on pressure: 

and it's a New York Times & Amazon bestseller!


What does it take to write a best selling book?


C - Confidence

O - Optimism

T - Tenacity

E - Enthusiasm


'No matter the pressure situation we face, whether at work or at home, confidence, optimism, tenacity, and enthusiasm protect us from pressure's injurious effects. They free us to do our best, whether it is the first day of work, the middle of a project you are managing, or a sales presentation.'


Excerpt is taken from page 159 of the Performing under Pressure book.


Start building your COTE of Armor with this 4 part mini-series. 

C is for Confidence. Read more in April's newsletter.

Meet the Author Webinar 
April 2  @ 1pm EST
Do you want to learn more about how to perform under pressure?  You will want to attend this webinar being delivered by co-author Dr. JP Pawliw Fry. Hosted by Bill Benjamin, they will share key insights and strategies to help you perform your best when it matters most.

Performing Under Pressure by Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry
Performing Under Pressure by Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry



EI Virtual is ready for launch.


With the book launching we have already had a number of clients looking for ways to bring tools into their organisations to better manage pressure and the emotions that get triggered by pressure.  IHHP as heard this request and April 1st will be launching our Emotional Intelligence Program in a virtual format.  


More to come next month so stay tuned!



 We wrote the book on pressure!




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