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February Newsletter, Happy New Year
What a whirlwind February has been, its a short turnaround on the newsletter jobs start to pour in faster as the weather begins to warm, and for Erik Kub Kar season came and went which meant helping 24 kids build their wooden model racers. It really helps make an already short month just fly by that much faster...
Tip of the Month:  What should we be saving for home maintenance ?

Over the last few month we've been getting questions from home owners regarding the amount of money people should be putting away  for home maintenance. Now we aren't financial or real estate experts and being that the majority of you reading this spend your hard earned dollars on us for your home maintenance needs, this can be quite a difficult question to answer. So, we went out and did a little digging, by talking to some of our realtor friends, financial expert, and checked out a few websites for information as well. We hope you enjoy reading this and that it helps you out when that inevitable home maintenance job comes calling.
New Electricians

My Go-2-Guy has affiliated themselves with a new electrical company, as one of our past affiliates has decided to move into the commercial market only. 

We are proud to be affiliated with TW Electrical Services LTD.  Frank Tobin and Tom Wilson are fully licensed, highly skilled electricians who take the time to listen to your needs, with the understanding that everyone's requirements are unique. 

They are reliable, fair, honest, organized, hard-working, and committed to you. They are also tidy, clean, and can ultimately provide you with peace of mind and a job well done. 

Below is a link to there website. 

TW Electrical Services LTD.
The Relationship Between Light and Colour

We had many people over the years asking us about colours, what colour should I paint this room? the cabinets? this chair? the trim? and so on and so forth. Colour suggestion are definitely not our forte as we all have different tastes. But it got us thinking. so many people get lost in the sea of tiny colour swatches at the local paint shop, it's no wonder we get all these questions. So Erik went back to his old notebooks to re-learn how to best choose a colour. Over the next few month we will go over, t he relationship between light and colour, how to use colour, and to consider architectural details when choosing colours. This month we start with the title of this blurb... The relationship between light and colour. 

Website Update. 

We alway try to keep our website up to date but this months Erik has been adding a bit more to our website.  This February he added an Our Team section with little bio's on each of us, re-orginizing the newsletters page and added some more pictures to our gallery. Check it out.

My Go-2-Guy