What was the cloth found at the excavation site?

Michael finds this information nugget and emails the research team:  

In the midst of despair and intense suffering, a young peasant visionary, Peter Bartholomew, claimed that St. Andrew had revealed to him the lance, which had pierced the side of Jesus while he hung on the cross, lay underneath the Basilica of St. Peter. 

Peter's story went like this: St. Andrew appeared to him before the crusaders captured Antioch. St. Andrew had a message for the Bishop Adhemar of Le Puy and for Raymond of Toulouse. St. Andrew, Peter recalled, denounced Bishop Adhemar for failing in his duties as spiritual advisor to the Christian army.

Raymond, though, was revered. He was to be given a special task: Raymond would accompany Peter with twelve men to the Basilica and unearth the Holy Lance. Once they reach the River Jordan in Palestine, Count Raymond was to cross the river on a raft, re-baptize himself and then preserve his underclothes and the lance on that site forever.  Source
Michael explains: "I don't believe Count Raymond left the actual spear and baptismal linen "on the site forever." I have never seen that documented anywhere except here, and this is just a web summary. The artifacts would have been too precious not to keep with him. This is what I am tracking down now.
However, the preservation of the baptism clothes would explain the clothe you found at the excavation site. They would have revered them as almost as holy as the Lance, given that he was instructed to carry out this act of piety by St. Andrew via Peter Bartholomew."

The excavator replies: 

"I need to track this down.  I believe I simply tossed it to one side so it could be retrievable.  No promises  It's been years and I have to see if it still exists.  Remember, it was not exposed to air until I dug it up.  This is so wild!"

Whoever Possesses It Will Rule the World
Whoever Possesses It Will Rule the World


It is amazing to think that the spear made it through the turbulent Crusades. Was it protected by the Knights Templar?


In the meantime, deFango finds some letters that were purported to be found with the spear. Don't cringe too badly as he handles these old documents. 


The Alhambra letter and the future cicada 3301 leads
The Alhambra letter and the future cicada 3301 leads




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