The challenges students face have changed dramatically since the close of the 20th century, and so have their needs for support. At the same time, the focus of schooling has narrowed, overemphasizing achievement on large-scale standardized tests to the detriment of a more well-rounded, balanced, whole child education. It is clear that in order to succeed in the world beyond school, students must reach beyond content mastery to learn and practice the skills needed for work and life. Among these are students' ability to manage and regulate their own behaviors and to relate to and work with others, especially others who may be different from themselves.
Resources for Further Information

VASCD Whole Child Institute
Our Fourth Annual Whole Child Institute on February 28 in Charlottesville will feature keynote speaker Dominique Smith and will focus on social-emotional learning in adolescents and teens. Dominique is Chief of Educational Services and Teacher Relations at Health Sciences High in San Diego and Co-author with Nancy Frey and Doug Fisher of All Learning is Social and Emotional.

Mathematics Teaching and Learning
VASCD is pleased to share resources from the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL), which conducts applied research and trainings with a mission of supporting a more evidence-based education system.
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