By Karen Scott, Publisher

Whole Earth Sweetener Co.'s natural sweetener gives OCS operators an opportunity to offer customers a product containing no fructose and zero calories.

The most important feature of Whole Earth Sweetener is that is uses a sweetener derived from plants – stevia and monk fruit, said Kelly Brennan, senior manager of foodservice sales at Merisant Co., the parent company of Whole Earth Sweetener Co . There are no calories or sugar, and the product delivers a clean, sweet taste. The product does not “clump” when added to a beverage, but dissolves evenly.

“Today, more and more consumers are prioritizing a wellness-focused approach to their health, as we’ve seen in the rise of reduced and no sugar, plant-based and keto lifestyles,” said Brennan. “This consumer shift is driving the growth of the natural sugar substitute category, which is now larger than the artificial category in retail. By adding Whole Earth packets to their sweetener offerings, OCS operators can better meet the needs of these natural-seeking consumers with a great-tasting, zero calorie, zero sugar sweetener.”