I hope this email finds you all well! With the state providing a re-opening strategy, I wanted to let you know the plan for Whole Family Medical Care.

Until we can ramp up testing so that I can test everyone accurately and quickly, we will need to continue adjusting how we provide visits in the office. My challenges are that anywhere from 20-30% of infected people are showing no signs of the virus, and not having an endless supply of cleaning products, and no “correct” PPE (which by now, you sadly understand is “personal protective equipment”).
We still prefer telemedicine visits as much as possible. If you are in a high risk group for getting COVID 19 (over the age of 65, heart, lung, or other chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension), I really don’t want you to expose yourself. However, if you do need an in person visit especially acupuncture, we are suggesting Monday or Thursday mornings, as if any virus has escaped our cleaning, it should die over the 3 days we don’t have patients in the office. So, only in person visits on Mondays and Thursdays for now,  starting May 4 th

Please visit the website to view the new office policies if an in person visit is scheduled: COVID 19 Office Policy
I do not want you to neglect your health, especially prevention. I’m looking in to purchasing a bulk supply of blood pressure cuffs. If you don’t have one, please text/email or call Marty to let her know you’d want one. Everyone should have one, even if you have never been diagnosed with blood pressure problems. There are a good brand and should last a while.  

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I hope you are going out walking, biking, or maybe running? It is tedious, but please still do the 6 foot rule, wash your hands when you can, and don’t touch your face in public. Wear a mask if you are going inside in a public area. Remember, masks only protect other people from your germs, unless it is an N95 mask with a seal. In other words, if you sneeze or cough with a mask on, the droplets are trapped better. If someone sneezes or cough on you and they are not wearing a mask, but you are, those droplets can totally get through if not an N95. 
Hopefully, we will find some sort of treatment, get more test kits and supplies, and eventually a vaccine. Until then, we are probably going to have waves of quarantines to various degrees over the next 12-18 months. 
Thank you for being a member of our practice. Call if you need anything.

For more information on Virtual Visits - Click on Visit our website below: