Due to the difficulty obtaining sufficient PPE, we are going to continue to limit in office appointments.

Recent notable COVID 19 news: They are developing an antibody treatment that may be available by September as an IV infusion to protect those most at risk for bad outcomes as well as using it as a treatment if you do get sick. It might need to be given once a month for protective treatment. Vaccines are moving along, but even if they get approval, it will be hard to manufacture enough doses for everyone to get it right away. Finally, some early genetic studies suggest those with type A blood have a higher risk of “cytokine storm” and worse outcome when they get COVID 19.

The antibody test kits I have are now FDA approved. HOWEVER, since the FDA is swamped with reviewing test kits, they put this fingerstick 10 minute point of care test in a higher category of laboratory certification than what I have in my small office. So, I’m trying to see if I can get a lab to partner with (the test would have to be done at their lab site) or we are stuck waiting until the FDA changes the certification. Trust me, I’m working all the angles here to try to get these available!!