I have approval to do the COVID 19 testing fingerstick antibody test finally. Below is the best criteria for those that would benefit from a test. These are approved FDA emergency use authorization test kits. (It is not one of the bad tests that were pulled.) They are made by Healgen.

The test takes 10 minutes to read, so you will get results that day. Also, it does cost $35 for DPC members. (The lab wants their cut to oversee me per test). I am not offering the test to nonmembers yet, but if you know anyone who needs a doctor, have them join! You do have to call Marty and then she will send you a link to register for the test.

We will let you know the results, and you will also get an official notice from the lab I partnered with. We are going to have you remain in your car to have the fingerstick done, and wear a mask. She will give you all the details.