This year, Dr. Host will be partnering with a certified health coach, John Rankins to deliver a new life changing diet and motivational program. It consists of two 12 week sessions, with a bonus week in each.

The first session will be all about nutrition and include topics such as nutrigenomics, therapeutic diets, eating for energy and conquering carbs. The second session focuses on how to change your mental attitude and focus on sustaining your weight loss and healthy behaviors. It will include topics such as innate wisdom, personal nourishment, and self-sabotage.

These sessions will be in a group format at our office in Perrysburg. They will start January 15th (Tuesday) from 7 to 8 PM . We do have limited space, so sign up as soon as you can to reserve your spot! You can recruit any friends or family that you’d like; however, there is a discount for DPC members.

Non Members - $40/session or $480 per 13 week session
DPC Members - $25/session or $300 per 13 week session

This price includes digital material and supporting links. You can purchase a binder for $25 with printed material if you like.

This is a life-changing course! Just losing 10 percent of your body weight will have many positive effects on your health, including lowering your risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Studies have shown that losing even more weight and paired with the right diet, you can even reverse diabetes and heart disease!

Live longer, happier, and spend less money on healthcare issues down the road by signing up for this great program! To sign up call Marty at 419-872-3250.