During this time of limited testing and social distancing, Whole Family Medical Care is able to offer telemedicine through virtual visits for everyone. This will eliminate the risk of someone coming in who might still be contagious. Dr. Host's sister is actually sewing a few gowns and making masks using furnace filter material to use when our practice is able to see patients in person, as N95 and disposable gowns should be going to hospital workers.

Dr. Host has been checking updates daily about COVID 19, and interacting with doctors around the world on social media. It has been amazing to be able to come to a consensus on what seems to work for the sickest patients.

For the 80% of us who had a mild case, or didn’t or won’t need to go to the hospital, it does seem like you are contagious for 7-14 days. Lots of people have no symptoms at all, but can still spread it. That’s why we need to know who has it or had it, before we can safely move around more freely and closely.

Let us know if you need anything, and follow Whole Family Medical Care on Facebook for frequent updates. Also, we can still take on new patients, if you know anyone who can’t get a hold of their doctor or needs a doctor.

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