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Whole Foods Named These Grains a Top Food Trend for 2022
Whole Foods Market announced their list of upcoming 2022 food trends this month, and we’re especially excited to see that “Grains that Give Back” is highlighted as a top trend to watch. According to Whole Foods Market, this term refers to grains that help support soil health and environmental sustainability.

Are you ready to try this trend for yourself? Find out which grains to shop for in our latest blog.
Eat Whole Grains, Save Money
Research Update: Whole Grains & Diabetes Costs
A new study found that increasing the number of Finnish people who eat whole grains daily and/or increasing the number of servings of whole grains eaten by habitual whole grain consumers in Finland could lead to a savings of 286-989 Euros in diabetes related healthcare costs over a 10-year period.
A Broader Look at How Whole Grains Lower Healthcare Costs
Where should we place our best bets with scant public health resources? Research increasingly shows that focusing on whole grains provides a high return on investment to cut healthcare costs globally.
11/16 Webinar: Whole Grains & Health Economics
Tune into our upcoming webinar with Allison Yoder, MA, RDN, LD and Kevin Miller, PhD, to learn more about how eating more whole grains can significantly decrease rampant healthcare costs in the US and elsewhere. Thanks to the General Mills Bell Institute for Health and Nutrition for sponsoring this session!
Whole Grain Corn Recipes

An Oldways recipe and photo

An Oldways recipe and photo
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