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Whole Grain Sampling Day Approaches!
How are YOU celebrating? The possibilities are endless — but we're here to help you get started!
Celebrate by Joining the
Video Challenge
Post a 30 second video featuring one of your whole grain products - how to prepare it or why you love it. Know an expert? Interview them live on Facebook or Instagram! And of course, everyone loves a recipe video. Share a favorite whole grain recipe and inspire your followers to cook along! Be sure to hashtag #SampleWholeGrains so we can amplify your reach.
Other Ways to Celebrate
Donate your Whole Grain Products
Get your wonderful whole grain products to those who need them most. Send a donation of whole grains to a food-related charity of your choice. Let us know the details at the link below so we can track WGSD's impact.
Sponsor a Webinar
Don't miss your opportunity to sponsor one of our highly successful webinars. With a wide reaching network, you’ll be able to tailor outreach to your preferred audience.
Remember to #SampleWholeGrains
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