Just Ask for Whole Grains
image of assorted whole grains
Sneak Peek at Whole Grains Month in September
Every September, we celebrate the goodness of whole grains! This year we are asking contest participants to complete fun, daily whole grain challenges throughout September.

To earn chances to win prizes, participants might be asked to: make a whole grain dinner or treat to share with a neighbor or friend, choose a favorite whole grain ingredient to post about on social media, or donate whole grain product to a local food bank or pantry. To get a sense of the types of prizes given away to "Grainies" winners, visit our Whole Grains Month webpage.
New Whole Grain Research & Insights
The Myth of the Wheat Belly
Research reveals that people who eat more whole grains tend to have smaller waist sizes and less visceral fat (the type of fat deep in your abdomen that surrounds vital organs).
How the Pandemic Impacted Whole Grain Consumption
So much about our lives have changed, including how and what we eat. Our data points paint an interesting picture of American purchasing habits and preferences.
Tips for Mindful and Whole Grain Snacking
Alyssa Pike, RD from IFIC and Kelly Toups, RD from the Oldways Whole Grains Council share best practices for mindful and whole grain snacking.
Delicious Rye Recipes

An Oldways recipe and photo

An Oldways recipe and photo
Spend a Week in Italy
Explore the countryside in Umbria, Italy in October 2022
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