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On July 19, 2022, the Board of Public of Utilities (“Board”) will be holding a Stakeholder Meeting on the current status of the Whole House Pilot Program (“WHPP”). Board Staff (“Staff”) will also share the results of the WHPP Asset and Gap Analysis Report developed by Green and Healthy Homes Initiative, Inc. in consultation with Staff. This report (posted here) assesses the current landscape of assets, gaps, and opportunities around housing programs and resources that pertain to the WHPP. 


On May 23, 2018, Governor Murphy signed into law the Clean Energy Act, L. 2018, c. 17 (“CEA”), which set forth ambitious goals to advance New Jersey’s energy efficiency (“EE”) and other clean energy efforts. In that same month and year, the Governor also directed the Board and several executive branch agencies to work on an Energy Master Plan that would chart a path for New Jersey to convert its energy production profile to 100% clean energy sources by 2050.


In the years following passage of the CEA, Staff, the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel, electric and natural gas public utility companies, and a broad range of stakeholders worked collaboratively to review and consider options and best practices on a myriad of topics related to EE. Many stakeholders participating in that public outreach process also expressed support for an approach that would integrate health and safety measures with EE upgrades.


The WHPP therefore intends to take a “whole house” approach to addressing health and safety hazards and implementing EE measures in single- and multi-family residences occupied by low- to moderate-income residents. This approach treats the entire house as a single system with interdependent components in order to identify and implement measures that will maximize overall EE, as well as minimize overall health and safety hazards. The WHPP will also use an integrated, statewide strategy that streamlines and leverages existing resources, programs, and funding streams from multiple sources, including Federal, State, and Local governments, non-government organizations, and non-profit organizations.


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Thank you for your interest in New Jersey’s clean energy future.

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