New Year 2018   Same Canoe Newsletter    v. 64
2018 News and Gratitudes 
  - Art, Local Food & Wellness, Affordable Housing & Solar Power, and Americorps - 

We have lots of good news to share, and a lot of hard work ahead 2018-2020
Change is Powerful
For fifteen years, we've been sowing seeds for sustainability in Hawaii, leveraging new and time tested strategies and tools to strengthen rural communities.  Growing healthy communities requires many levels of collaboration and the ability to listen to people's hopes and fears.
One Island's efforts seeking a smarter, wiser way to live on the Earth have been met with both encouraging support as well as anticipated, and at times unexpected, challenges. Growing a new way of living together is no easy task. Courage and determination are required!  
Seed by seed, it started with increasing local food access, grew to solar electricity and solar powered cooking and refrigeration, added wellness, embraced the high need for affordable housing, and the most recent seeds aim at growing art and honoring cultural diversity. Each year, new pilot programs have emerged. Some have taken root and grown into ongoing initiatives. When you plant a handful of seeds, you never know how many will sprout. This year is a time when all of the seeds sprouted all at once!
While we may joke that having seven concurrent programs running is clear evidence of "Multiple Curiosity Disorder", we do take our responsibility to  
uphold Sustainability values very seriously.
Once you start down the Sustainability Path, it becomes more and more clear that it is all connected. Each thread overlaps another. Tug here, one moves there. And so it takes a lot of hands to weave the basket, the sacred container, of a wiser way of living. One Island's reader and participant support is highly valued in this cultural strengthening. To move from vision to action - and affect social change - offers everyone a valuable role.  
Hawaiian fisherman basketmaker
One Island Sustainability in Action 2018-2020:
Affordable Housing 
Local Food and Food Justice 
Community Housing Land Trust  
Solar Power and Clean Water Systems 
Art and Cultural Heritage 
Health and Wellness
AmeriCorps Community Service 
Updates on One Island Projects 
    Being Part of the Change We Want to See in the World     
Affordable Housing - facing a crisis with solutions
Over 6,000 people have viewed One Island's Tiny House Initiative video on You Tube. Over 600 people have attended the Initiative's meetings and housing discussions. State legislation made it through the Senate and the House (then vetoed by Governor) in 2017. Clearly, affordable housing is a very HOT TOPIC!

What started as the highly popular Tiny House Initiative in late 2016, and gained incredible steam in 2017, is continuing into 2018 with good progress on small home permitting and design.

Pivotal Meeting

On December 18th, 2017 we met with Senator Russell Ruderman, State House Representative Cindy Evans, Council members Tim Richards and Jen Ruggles, and Planning Director Michael Yee and his staff. One Island convened this meeting to 1) share a positive vision of affordable housing solutions, 2) bring critical stakeholders together to zero-in on barriers to Tiny House implementation, and 3) to move forward the Hawaii Island Housing Land Trust discussion as part of the land and housing access solution. All three goals were successful. Everyone agreed that the first step is to solve the farm worker housing challenge, and then move on to residential lot issues. Food First!
Housing? Yes!

Outcomes and Updates:
  • The Planning Department is looking at ways to revise the 'Additional Farm Dwelling' rules to encourage secure, equitable housing for farm workers, including realistic work requirements to qualify for tiny housing, and unit mobility issues for both on farm and off farm farm worker housing.
  • State legislators are looking at ways to introduce 2018 legislation that ensures the housing needs of farm workers are being adequately addressed in the State statutes, including Tiny Houses under 500 sq ft.
  • The County Council members are looking at ways to change the building code to allow for Tiny Houses and clustered ag worker housing to help farms and ranches increase food production.
  • One Island is launching a Community Housing Land Trust that will use State and private lands to increase access to affordable housing.

There was also a strong interest around the table in convening a  
Hawaii County Housing Summit in the Fall of 2018.   
Good ideas from all were brought to the table, and good heart to solve these challenges.
Same Canoe Local Food project launch in January 

GREAT IDEA: Veggie Rx, medically prescribed fruits and veggies to build healthy bodies is coming to Hawaii Island

Good News for Local Food
One Island is launching a 3 year expanded local food promotion project with workshops, farm tours, and coupon incentives to help increase healthy produce consumption.
We are hiring and training AmeriCorps members to serve as Food Justice advocates and are working with our health and welness, farmers' market and grocery stakeholders.
The project promotes access to local fruits and vegetables, directly supports local farms, and encourages community members to eat healthy and live longer.
We have a few AmeriCorps openings left, contact to learn more. 

Same Canoe is bringing   
SNAP coupons and Veggie Rx to Hamakua, North and South Kohala, and North and South Kona Districts.

February will start the Farmers' Market services and following that, grocery and natural food store service will begin. Along with retail sales partnering, the Veggie Rx will go live for partner health clinic patients. We are also concurrently working with a professional web team to develop fun online and in-print food games that earn rewards for participants who join-in to learn about new ways to improve their health with fresh foods and support their local farmers.  
Everyone can participate. Workshops, tours and events are open to all.   SNAP/EBT households can earn extra bonus awards, receive free local produce coupons, and have access to no-cost diabetes and health education programs. Email for SNAP/EBT info. 
Partners in the new 3 year project include:
Hawaii Blue Zones, West Hawaii Community Health Clinic, Hamakua-Kohala Health, Island Heart Care, Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hamakua, KTA, area farmers' markets and family owned grocery / natural foods stores, CSAs, University of Hawaii, Ho'opomaikai Community Health, and other wellness and food system partners.

Fun ways to teach and learn

Discounts on local foods, Fun workshops, Contests for tasty food prizes, Over $300,000 in coupons and incentives for SNAP/EBT  
users to buy fresh produce from local farms,  
Special chef nights at cafes and tastings at markets,  
Farm tours and More!
If you are on the Eastside of the Island, see the  
Hawaii Food Basket for SNAP/EBT Coupons. 

Mahalo to the USDA, AmeriCorps and the  
Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture 

Powering a Village and creating fresh, potable water - out of thin air! 
Part of One Island's sustainability mission is doing right by the earth while helping rural families improve their quality of life. An exciting innovation is being brought to Hawaii by One Island - water generation by pulling moisture directly from the air, without County or well water needed!! Our first test site will pilot this fascinating technology in January 2018.

Fresh water, less ocean pollution 
The Native Hawaiian Village of Miloli'i does not have utility hook ups for water or power. Many use a beach ice cooler as their 'refrigeration' that requires many drives a week to a distant store to buy  ice. Due to a lack of potable water, dozens of cases of bottled drinking water are brought into the remote village every week. The good news is that they are now becoming the recipients of new solar power, refrigeration and water technologies through a One Island and USDA joint effort.
Solar power is a great way to meet both of their water and power goals - it reduces global warming, improves air quality by avoiding diesel and gas generation, it has a lower impact on our ecosystem than fossil fuel generation. Bringing rural families low cost, empowering new tools improves their quality of life. Plus solar powered water generation and food refrigeration will bring direct, new options for healthy living. 
Miloli'i with remnants of small, inoperable solar from the 1970s 
We are happy to announce the bidding process concluded with the selection of Ultimate Off Grid Solar Hawaii , a Native Hawaiian owned small business, as the lead solar PV installer.
Solar Power, Fresh Water and Healthy Food.  
Happy People! 

All ages enjoyed discovering the Arts at our October 2nd Launch Event at the North Kohala Public Library. Mahalo to the many volunteers who helped this event be a great success!
Cultural Arts Planning

How does a town or region develop and strengthen its identity as
an Arts Community?

Cultural Arts Planning is a process for engaging a local community in identifying, assessing, and dreaming its past, present and future Arts Story.

Kohala Capoeria Performance

One Island is very thankful to have earned the opportunity to conduct a Communtiy Arts Planning Process for North Kohala. As the only neighboring island project selected by the National Endowment for the Arts funding 2017-2019, The Heart of Kohala is honored to have been chosen to blaze a path we hope other districts will adopt and implement to foster access to the arts island wide.
Award winning Kupuna hula dancers

Kohala Musician Mila
Our Goal: Fostering engaging and thought provoking Arts installations and events, forming a North Kohala Arts Council, and encouraging the creation of a Hawaii County Arts Commission to identify needs and fund the Arts!
Do Art . Be Art . Support Art

Bringing the Affordable Housing Conversation to your Neighborhood

On December 4th, a new series of Affordable Housing Community Conversations began at the North Kohala Library. These sessions provide an overview of current laws on Ag and Residential lots, look at ways the code could be changed to help increase housing access, and listen to community input.

If you would like to see a session hosted in your community,
 let us know at  
These sessions are provided free of charge on Hawaii Island by volunteers interested in fostering housing access and increasing food production.
See more about  
Hawaii Affordable Housing, including the Tiny House video now watched by over 6,000 viewers.

   3 AmeriCorps    
Local Food Advocate Positions Open 

Real Food for Real People with Real Results
Kids at a Food Basket Event 
Make a Difference by joining the  
Same Canoe Crew 
Looking for people passionate about improving access to local food, better nutrition and community wellbeing. Thanks to new AmeriCorps and USDA Food Security grant awards, The Same Canoe Local Food Project has 3 part time positions open and accepting applications. Crew Members will take part in a fun and rewarding AmeriCorps community service program.
Work in local community areas to help increase access to fresh, nutritious, local foods and build multi-cultural health and life skills.  
Real Food. Real People. Real Results.
 Members receive a living allowance and participate in Food Justice work that connects low income families to more fresh fruits and vegetables.   
Serving Hamakua and North/South Kohala, or North/South Kona.
Ideal for college students, recent graduates, and retirees eager to be of service and who enjoy making a valuable contribution
to their community.

To express interest, email;
send a letter of introduction, resume, and description of your interests in food access, health and nutrition, community and multi-cultural services.

We appreciate the support the Jane Goodall Institute has awarded our programs and recommend the highly rated new National Geographic movie, Jane, about her life.

The film Jane is having a free showing at the People's Theatre in Honoka'a on Sat. December 30th at 7pm.
With writer and director Brett Morgen

Remarkable Woman.
Remarkable Life.

Girls Just Wanna Do Science
Photo cr e dits: Malia Welch, Donna Maltz, Nayara Toscana. Art by Kohala Students.

Introducing Hale O Malama, a Hawaii Island Community Housing Land Trust 

Clustered housing, also called pocket neighborhoods, by Ross Chapin  
Less can be 'more'. Smaller footprint, innovative buildings can help solve the affordable housing crisis. Clustered housing on land trust lots offers further affordability and efficiency of scale, all while protecting open space and turning fallow ag lands into operating farms. 
Common green space, food and flower gardens, community buildings, and children's parks can be found in well designed neighborhoods 
In May, One Island enjoyed a visit from Melora Hiller, CEO of Grounded Solutions. We toured potential vacant land in North Kohala where the first Land Trust housing site could be located. Through her network, we have been consulting with multiple land trusts across the country to select a model that will work best for Hawaii. 
This past October, One Island then attended the national Community Land Trust Conference thanks to a grant from that organization. Held in Oakland, the gathering became an international meeting with representatives from several continents. As members, we gained access to training and experts who are helping to guide the formation of the new Hale O Malama Community Housing Land Trust serving the Island of Hawaii.
HOW IT WORKS   Hale O Malama is a non-profit organization that will malama (steward) the land upon which the community housing (hale) will be built. We are working on both equity and rental, permanent build and mobile tiny, clustered housing projects.  Our goal is to provide affordable housing in rural settings, with commonly shared benefits including green space, gardens, community buildings and kitchens, play areas for children, and workspaces for adults. 
Our sister organizations have proven that by removing the cost of the land, and building smart green homes, the cost of home ownership becomes available to households who would otherwise not qualify to own a home. This same strategy also allows for increasing the available rental housing options, a need that is extremely high in North Kohala where the Land Trsut work is beginning. One of the pioneering features of the new Land Trust is creating a hybrid of ag land preservation and ag rental housing for farm workers. Aiming for 500 sq foot rentals as 'Additional Farm Dwellings' allowed by the County on ag lots, the projects can provide the missing piece of adequate ag workforce to help grow the local food economy.
On the path to affordable housing
Yes, we want a housing revolution!