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Why do Nebraska cattle ranchers still brand cattle_
Photo: Flickr/Charlie Llewellin. Some rights reserved. Used under CC BY-SA 2.0.
Why do ranchers still brand cattle?
Our popular "Why Do Farmers Do That?" series returns, asking a popular question: Now that the old days of Nebraska's open range have faded into history, why do the state's ranchers still bother to brand their cattle with their own unique identification marks? You might be surprised at the answer.  
Are food deserts a myth_
The trouble with food deserts
Nebraska's legislature took up the question of "food deserts" again this session, opening anew the perpetual question: Do we really know what a food desert is, and what it means? One set of economists has opened the can of worms with these eight glaring holes in the definition.
The facts about urban farming you_re not being told
The dirty secret about urban farming
They're fashionable. They're the darling underdogs of the media. Food activists present them as the future. But there's one little-reported detail about U.S. urban farms nobody's talking about, except this latest research. Find out why they're doomed to go bust.
Is whole milk the new health food_
Is whole milk staged to make a comeback?
Riding the wave of several new studies suggesting the government made a mistake in recommending only low- and no-fat milks, could whole milk be set to make a big comeback?
Nebraska_s worm farmer
The worm farmer of Lincoln
Jeremiah Picard manages Lincoln's Big Red Worms, a non-profit venture of the Nebraska Farmers Union. His 300-head herd of worms has grown into the millions, eating discarded food waste from local school cafeterias to create healthy soil for local farmers and gardeners, while reducing some of the load on local landfills. 
Steve Harvey_s advice for success in life
Steve Harvey on the value of life's bumps and bruises
When you're standing lonely on the cliff of life, watching others soar by you, says poster child for the American dream Steve Harvey, sometimes you just have to jump, taking the bumps and bruises as they come. Done right, he says, the pain is worth it.
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