Mar. 15, 2020
All the important updates you need to know as a Contract Liquor Agency.
Wholesale Return Requests

Lt. Governor Jon Husted will today at 3 p.m. announce during a press conference the Division of Liquor Control will accept returns on unopened high proof liquor products purchased within the past 30 days from wholesale a way to provide economic assistance to bar and restaurant owners during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This courtesy also extends to those who may have obtained a temporary permit (F2) for an event, scheduled between March 12, 2020 and April 6, 2020, and that event is now cancelled.

Agencies must still contact the Liquor Enterprise Service Center when a return is requested. Approval will be granted once notification is made and the LESC has confirmation the product meets the above criteria.

The LESC can be reached at 877-812-0013 or .
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