We are very blessed in that we live in a beautiful part of Missouri. We are surrounded by several lakes and streams so being on the water has always been a part of our family recreation. One of our favorite things to do is to float a nearby stream. Our very favorite means of floating is in innertubes. This past weekend two of our three kids with spouses and grandchildren were with us for the weekend so they decided it was time to introduce the “in-laws” and younger grandchildren to the wonderful land of floating. I had forgotten how relaxing a sport it is. You just float! Don’t really have to paddle or put forth much effort. When you get hot or hungry you just pull over to a gravel bar, rest, cool off and then continue to aimlessly meander downstream. 

A little over two weeks ago we completed a wonderful week at the M & M Summit. I personally think it was one of the best in several years. The response to the Women’s Ministries Breakouts was overwhelming. Our Summit offering was one the highest in several years, $7400. I came home energized, elated and very thankful. At the end of the week I was thankful and yes, a little tired from all the activities. I took a couple of days off to rest and recoup.

Then it hit! God had worked through us to accomplish several of the goals that He had convicted us to achieve. The whole event was far more than we could have ever imagined. So why not float? We had worked hard. Let’s just meander down the stream and enjoy what God had done. Don’t have to paddle much, just relax and enjoy the ride. He honored the ministry so just sit back and let the cool water refresh and take us wherever it wants to.

But you see God’s work is never finished. So much to do, so many people all over the world that need to know Jesus. We can’t float. We can’t meander. We must get back to work. There are five months left in 2019. Let’s make a resolve to finish even stronger in these next five months that we did in the first seven. God still has a plan for what He wants us to accomplish through Him. ABC offering is only a few months from now. Our goal is $6000 to build a church somewhere in the areas of Hispanic Outreach. It is not too soon to start promoting in your church. I don’t want to float anymore. I want to do some fast swimming. How about you?