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Why do farmers use so much of this pesticide?
Why do farmers use so much of this pesticide?
When the EPA released a 500-page draft report in June arguing the nation's second most popular weed killer poses risk to aquatic plants, fish and wildlife, farmer groups across the nation were outraged that the move might be the first shot in an attempt to ban the important input for corn growing. Our popular Why Do Farmers Do That series jumps into some reasons farmers consider this weed killer so critical to their farms.
What are they really selling at the farmers market_
What are they really selling at the farmers market?
The good old farmers market, that alternative food-distribution outlet that was going to rebuild a failing food system, just isn't living up to its promise. Too many shoppers are just looking, having their kids' faces painted and listening to bands, rather than buying healthier food. But the untold story is, it was never going to be any other way. Here's why.
Would Trump_s Mexican wall bankrupt U.S. dairies_
Could Trump's border wall really kill Nebraska's dairies?
Early promises by presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to crack down on illegal immigration, particularly from the nation's southern neighbor, "scares the hell" out of at least one dairy association representative. Are Nebraska's dairies, ranches and farms really that reliant on imported labor to remain viable? Farmer Goes to Market breaks down the numbers.
What happened to the wheat shortage_
What happened to wheat?
Just six short years ago wheat prices had hit their highest level since the year when low supplies of this Nebraska farm staple fueled a global food crisis, sparking riots across several countries. Even this spring, USDA's surprise tally showing the number of acres planted this year would be the lowest since Carter was president. Today the world's awash in wheat. Why?
Meet your Nebraska farmers
Wheat farmer and Senator Dan Hughes and family
Raised in a tradition of community service and steeped in political leadership as former member of the Nebraska Wheat Board, wheat farmer Dan Hughes puts his talent to work off the farm in the state legislature. Here's the story of his farm's family. 
Jim Gaffigan on the oddities of holiday food
Eat up this holiday with comic Jim Gaffigan
Food-friendly comic Jim Gaffigan pays tribute to Independence Day by taking a whirlwind tour through the over-eating oddities of American holiday traditions. Eat up!

As we celebrate Independence Day, we encourage you to enjoy the holiday and the grilling that goes with it. As families gather to catch up with each other, debate local and national politics, eat food and set off fireworks, it is important to remember we are allowed these freedoms because of the sacrifices made by the men and women who serve to protect and defend the United States of America. Our active military and our veterans have made it possible for citizens to continue to celebrate and enjoy our independence. God Bless the military and their families!
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