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This 15 second video explains how smart and simple SlimRoast is. SlimROAST has something for everyone's taste buds that works. Best of all, just add water and convenient for your busy life.

Valentus is a company hitting record growth daily. Our key product, SlimROAST coffee, is the perfect way to engage with customers and new business partners. But we don't stop there. We help people lose weight and then keep it off with amazing Prevail Beverages.

Making life-changing income is the cherry on top at Valentus. There are literally too many Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, and Blue Diamond Distributors making six and seven figure income at Valentus to name them all. 

These people were not born with a secret mlm gene making it easier for them. They just made a decision and then gave it everything they had. Something anyone can do.

Starting a Valentus business is easy to do and is the perfect road to success. High-demand products that are easy to use, delicious, and that work are all the ingredients needed.

Because our unique products taste great and work so well, and because the compensation plan makes earning great money a cinch, it's not difficult to find business partners and customers.

All distributors engage in the same methods daily to grow and increase their organizations.  When you get started at Valentus, you will be taught how to make $500 a month, $1,500 a month, $3,000 a month, and so on ... all the way up to six and seven figure income. 

It's a tried and true daily method that every successful Valentus Distributor follows. 

Consumable Commodity
Coffee is an extremely powerful commodity. It's the worlds most heavily traded product behind petrloeum and it's the largest food import of the US.

Coffee Is More Than Just Popular:
Coffee is the drink that people all over the world and of every age rely on. No other beverage is as revered or respected. It can be seen in offices, during commutes, and on kitchen counter tops worldwide.



Pre-enrollees ... to upgrade (purchase your product) go to the Valentus website and  log in to your Pre-enrollee account here  ... you only need your email address that you took the tour with. 

** Make sure you log into the box at the far left Pre-Enrollee Login.
Then register and make your purchase. BOOM done.


A great little video

3 Minute SlimRoast Optimum Overview | Valentus Reviews With Team United
3 Minute SlimRoast Optimum Overview | Valentus Reviews With Team United


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