December 2020
Pride Power Progress
Why Attend A Conference
With No CE's???
One thing we have certainly learned this past year, is the importance of...
Taking Good Care of Ourselves.
Stay healthy, keep safe, exercise, eat well, and rest.
But what about our intellectual wellbeing?

What about our personal growth and professional ambitions?

And what about developing our leadership skills?

Yes, these need attention too!

Mark down Sunday, February 21, 2021 for the OAA's Virtual Leadership Experience...and find out how to Invest in Yourself, Market your Dreams, How to Survive Chaos and more...
Registration Coming Soon

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OAA Forms Diversity Committee
In keeping with our commitment to encourage
diversity and inclusion within our industry, the Opticians Association of America has formed a Diversity Committee. Their function is to develop and execute initiatives which encourage equity within the profession of opticianry.
The committee meets monthly and is currently working on diversity/inclusion breakout sessions scheduled for the Virtual Leadership Experience, Sunday, February 21, 2021.

The committee members are Thomas Blair Jr, Georgia, Jen Marcelin, Massachusetts, Tyja Sherman, Georgia, Lanard Atkins, Georgia, Mario Calderon, New York, May Hwen, Tennessee and Dibby Bartlett, Massachusetts.
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2020 – The Year That Wasn’t

It got off to a promising start. 2020 - The Year of the Optician. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Once ever, really. OAA had just finished arguably the most successful Leadership Conference in our history. A new board was elected and duly sworn in to continue the plan we have been working on for over 5 years. Then we went home, and the world changed.
OAA had become a well-oiled machine. We knew what our members and partners needed from us and how to provide it. All of a sudden, their needs changed. We had to identify those needs and do our best to meet them. We had to learn new ways to do things. We used to fly. Now we Zoom. 
Immediately, we had questions about the safety of ourselves and our patients: What do we need? Where do we get it? Providing accurate information became the most important thing.
And this brings us back to the afore mentioned board. I passed the gavel to the best person for the job and she has a GREAT team to help her. I live by the motto “Change is Bad”. I know what I like and like what I know. In contrast, Dibby Bartlett has embraced the challenge and reinvented what we can do for members and partners. I hate that she was dealt this hand, but she has played it brilliantly.
In closing, OAA will continue to be the “go-to” organization for opticians, just let us know what we can do for you. I look forward to the good old days.

Bob Reynolds
Immediate Past President


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