Why Is Classics Eagles Premier Becoming
Barça Academy Columbus?
Classics Eagles has recently announced an exciting partnership with global soccer power FC Barcelona and ISL Futbol to transition the Classics Eagles Premier Program to Barça Academy Columbus. 

Since we made the announcement, we have repeatedly received
the question,  "Why make this change, why risk what you have built, and why is this good for soccer players in our community?"
We understand the question. Classics Eagles is a respected soccer club, not just in our community, but statewide, regionally, and even on the national level. Over the years we have had a lot of success developing strong individual players on high performing teams and have had high quality coaches on our staff. More importantly, we have helped develop high quality individuals who have gone on to be successful, not just in the game, but in all aspects of their life. It would be easy to keep the status quo, and this is why the decision to make a change was given countless hours of discussion and review.  
Classics Eagles has always been trying to find ways to best serve the players and their families. Over the past 10 years, the club has constantly been evolving, trying to instill "best practices" for players at all ages and levels to help maximize their development and enjoyment to play the game. But status quo has limitations that only a culture shifting move like this could change. 
Classics Eagles decision to bring Barça Academy to Columbus is THE change we have been seeking for a long time in the youth soccer experience. Outside of the incredible history and culture behind FC Barcelona, and the proven training curriculum, one of the key reasons for this change was about the experience for each player who wants to learn, improve and grow in the beautiful game
Too often in soccer clubs, the experience, messages, and what is being taught varies greatly from age group to age group, and especially from coach to coach. A player can have a great experience one year with a coach in a club, and the following year, with the same club, the experience can change drastically with a different coach. Throughout the years, even within the same club, the message and emphasis on how players are coached and developed has little connection and correlation between each coach. But this is widely accepted and very few are trying to evolve this system to a higher level.
With the Barça Academy, there is one message, there is one approach, for all players within the club. For any player who is committed to becoming a better player, your experience will be consistently delivered under the Barça methodology. Any player who has been a part of their programs, whether camps or trips, has seen and experienced first hand the amount of care and attention put into the development and teaching of each individual player. 
This was why we did it. We feel this is the biggest piece missing in the youth soccer experience across the country. Year to year, most families and players are not sure what to expect. With a slight change of a coach or change of a club, what is being asked and expected of the player can be considerably different. Often, it does not support or build upon the prior experience or what has been taught. 
At Barça Academy, year after year, the players and families will know exactly what to expect. Under the guidance of an FCB Technical Director, driving the same (not similar, the same) methodology and approach to developing players in Barcelona, and very particular coaching standards of professionalism and education, there is no deviation from what is expected each day at training and when competing. 
H. E. A. R. T. are the values of Barça Academy. Humility, Effort, Ambition, Respect, and Teamwork. Other soccer experiences do enhance a player's development and love for the game, but Barça Academy offers what no other club can in terms of the FC Barcelona attention to detail, culture, and experience involved in developing great people who are great soccer players. 
Tony Earp is Executive Director of SuperKick and of the very successful The Elite Soccer Academy (TESA). He also currently serves as Classics Eagles Red Boys U13 coach, and was formerly Classics Eagles Youth Development Academy Director (U8-U10), which is a program that was one of the first to break from traditional youth soccer models of training. Tony is a highly respected teacher in the local soccer community, and recently shared an article with his opinion of the Barça Academy, and if you would like to read his blog please click  HERE

In summary:  
  • For players who are starting out at the youngest age groups, there is no better start to learning the game than under the FCB Methodology, which is different, but the most appropriate and proven approach to working with these age groups. 
  • For players in the middle age groups of all abilities who are committed to becoming better players, the Barça Academy continues the developmental process in a deliberate, purposeful manner to allow these players to be ready for whatever opportunity they wish to pursue.  
  • For older players who are looking to play in college, not only does this program prepare players for the next level, in the same curriculum and methodology that prepares players for the professional ranks, but we will have the staff to help guide you through the college selection and recruiting process. 
This new approach to player development in Central Ohio challenges established norms and views on training, competition and the progression of player development, and we know that that the fear of change can be very uncomfortable. We believe very strongly that by partnering with one of the greatest soccer organizations in the world, this will be a game changer for the most important people in the process, the playerThis will be obvious from the  moment tryouts start through every interaction with your player going forward.  

There are many ways to learn more, you can click HERE  for many details of tryouts, pricing and more, and you can now follow Barça Academy Columbus on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @barcaacademyclb.  If you have unanswered questions or are relying on information from others, please reach out to me directly at mlentz@classicseagles.com. I would value the opportunity to speak or correspond with you directly about questions or concerns you may have. 

Besides this transition, Classics Eagles presence will remain strong in our community, including our Junior Development Academy (JDA) for U6-U8 players, a significantly upgraded Classics Eagles Competitive Program (Parent Coached, Professionally Supported), annual special events, and we are committed to supporting our community's recreation soccer programs. Classics Eagles is and will continue to be the leader in providing a full range of options so players of all ages, genders, abilities, commitment levels and aspirations can reach their goals!

Thanks for your consideration of this information and we look forward to seeing you at the fields!


Mike Lentz
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Classics Eagles