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There are some amazing pre and post conference workshops in 2020! Register today to ensure your spot in any course as some have limited space:

  • AquaTech Pool Operator Certification Course
  • Swim Series 1, 2 & 3
  • Swim Series 1
  • Swim Series 2
  • Swim Series 3
  • Aquatic Revenue and Innovations Boot Camp
  • Learn and Lead Log Rolling
  • The Jury's Out so YOU be the Judge!
  • Fifteen Fantastic First Aid Facilitations
  • Aquatic Risk Management Workshop (ARM) - New and Updated Information
  • Developing Effective Training Skills for Lifeguards: Land - ** ONLY 10 More openings
  • The Body says YES to AquaStretch
  • Adapted Swim Program Success: Learn How to Integrate Strategies for Overcoming Roadblocks for Successful Swimming
  • Transgender - Are You In Over Your Head?
  • Golf
  • Developing In-Service Training Skills for Lifeguards: Water - ** ONLY 10 More openings
  • Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO)
Did Inoperable AEDs Represent Club’s Negligence?

Although all 50 states have enacted some legislation requiring the placement of automated external defibrillators in public places, few specifically mention their use in fitness facilities. An ongoing lawsuit in New York may clarify requirements regarding the use of AEDs and the affirmative duties imposed on the health clubs operating these machines. Read it.
AOAP Member Discussion Board

The AOAP offers a members only discussion board to post and answer various questions. Login to your membership account and go to the Discussion Board under the member's only portion of the website. The most recent question is: Does anyone have an Aquatic Risk Management Manual/Guide they would like to share? I am wanting to create/share a manual or guide with my department so when someone visits our facilities and picks up this manual, they will know the risks of the facility, how to mitigate the risk and ultimately how to eliminate the risks. Post or Answer a question here.
Sunderland pool to be fitted with life-saving system to detect swimmers drowning

The Aquatic Centre is introducing the kit, which will use cameras to monitor the pool and detect any lack of movement in the water. If anyone gets into difficulty, it alerts the lifeguards, who can then go to their rescue. Read it.
Requirements for Safety Flooring at Recreational Water Play Venues Added to NSF/ANSI 50

NSF International is taking steps to make recreational splash parks and water venues safer. A new section of NSF/ANSI 50: Equipment and Chemicals for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Other Recreational Water Facilities establishes minimum criteria for safety flooring at interactive water play venues. Read it.
The Air in There - Managing Air Quality in Aquatic Facilities

There's an old aquatics industry joke: How do you ruin a pool? Put people in it! All comedy has some truth in it, and there's no doubt that the chemicals used to disinfect pool water are just fine if left alone. But pools are for use by humans, and when they get in, they bring organic material that activates the chlorine to do its work. When it does that job, it changes to chloramines, which produce the smell commonly associated with pools. Read it.
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FPD: Swim lessons for new Americans aimed to combat high drowning rate

A June 2018 drowning of an 8-year-old girl at Buffalo State Park sparked Fargo Police to host free swimming lessons for new American families in the metro. Read it.
Swim school partners with Cook Children’s on drowning prevention

Goldfish Swim School, located in Carrollton, is partnering with Cook Children’s to promote its #LifeguardYourChild campaign and bolster efforts to teach children how to be safe in and around the water. The campaign is the result of a grim reality: Texas regularly leads the nation in drowning deaths. Read it.
‘Unsupervised‘ autistic boy, 14, drowns in school pool

Autistic boy, 14, drowned in high school swimming pool ‘while lifeguard was on a computer‘ Read it.
Mom says swimming helps young son with autism, ADHD

Levi Rogers has arrived for his swimming lesson at the UT Health East Texas indoor pool in Olympic Plaza. He bounds into the pool area half bouncing and half skipping and gives his swim instructor a huge hug, grabbing her around the waist. He’s so excited that he can barely contain himself. Read it.
Sponsored Content: Remember Those Wobbly Wooden Starting Blocks?

Competitive swimming equipment has evolved significantly over the years - the addition of goggles for visual clarity, compression swimsuits for reduced drag and lane lines with specialized disks that quell waves are a few examples. Fortunately, starting blocks technology has also greatly improved over the years!  Read more
When the public hinders public safety

You can’t walk far along the water’s edge in Ireland without passing a throwable lifesaving ring. They are honestly everywhere – an impressive statement on water safety – but when you approach the stand, you also see something else. Alongside the emergency contact information is the statement, “A Stolen Ringbuoy – A Stolen Life.” Read it.
Two women from the Edmonton region with Carnegie medals to save them from drowning – Edmonton

Two women from the Edmonton region were officially awarded Carnegie medals on Sunday after rescuing a drowning person from the Fort Saskatchewan River in June 2018. Read it.
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