Here's How You Comply With The New 1983 Federal Social Media Training And Policy Standards...
The U.S. Supreme Court classifies social media as a "high liability" HR issue that impacts the constitutional and civil rights of others, it's not just a public relations issue.
To enforce your social media policy, you must show proof that all all employees received outside social media liability training. Verbal warnings and boilerplate policies won't protect you in court.

Your social media law training instructor must be a licensed social media attorney specialist. Busy in-house attorneys don't qualify as social media law experts that can deliver specialized training to employees.
Apologies Are Nice When Public Employees
Make Social Media Mistakes, But That Doesn't
Erase The Harm Or Rebuild Public Trust.
I Have A Better Solution...

Make My Online Course Mandatory For All Employees And Avoid The Mistakes To Begin With...
It's Not If Your Employees Will Make A Costly Social Media Mistake, It's When...
Courts Classify Social Media Policies And Training
As Complicated "High Liability" Topics...

So, When You Ask PIOs And Social Media Managers To Write Social Media Policies And Train Employees, You Are Exposing Them To "Unlicensed Practice Of Law" claims which is a felony in most states...

  • Explanation: If in-house attorneys don't qualify as social media law experts that can properly draft social media policies and train employees, why would you ask PIOs and social media managers to write your social media policy and train employees.
* See Sperry v. Florida 375 U.S. 379 (1963) A non-lawyer can't draft a serious legal document that impacts constitutional and civil rights of others. Social media policies impact the free speech rights under the First Amendment and other civil rights.
These La La Land Attitudes Destroy Careers
Ignite Costly Lawsuits, And Hurt Public Trust...
  • I don't care if the new 1983 federal standards require social media liability training for all employees, we give verbal warnings, that's good enough.

  • Our attorney, PIO, and social media manger have the same expertise as a 30 year nationally recognized digital media attorney specialist.

  • We can't afford $9 per person for expert social media law training.
If You Truly Care About Your Public Image And Mitigating Risk On Social Media, Registering All Your Employees For My Online Course Shouldn't Be A Tough Decision...
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Course Goals: Mitigate social media liability exposure and comply with new 1983 federal social media training and policy standards.

Instructor: 30 year Digital and Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz

Delivery: Online self-study or can be done as virtual conference style for in-service group

Different Course Length Available: 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours

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