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July 2018
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Cash Value Life Insurance vs Term Life
Why Dave Ramsey gets it wrong.

"Cash Value insurance is one of the worst financial products available." - Dave Ramsey

But is Mr. Ramsey really looking at all the facts?  You owe it to yourself to see a side by side comparison of  Term vs Cash Value (IUL).

Retirement is posing a lot of challenges for Baby Boomers as many feel their money won't last over 30 years. 
One potential solution for Baby Boomers is to purchase an annuity offering:
  • guaranteed income
  • immediate or defer payments
  • tax-deferred earnings
  • no limitation on contributions
Understanding Crediting for Indexed Universal Life
Would you like to know more about Crediting on Indexed Universal Life policies?

Watch as Matthew Decker of Wealth Architects breaks down how IUL Crediting works in part 1 of a 3 part video series.

Next month: IUL Fees and Charges Explained
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Protection for you
and your family

"If you don't address the issue of protecting your retirement distributions from excess taxation now...
you and your family will have to pay the price."

- Ed Slott, CPA

Don't let taxes in retirement  take you by surprise...

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A note from the Accounting Professor:
High Dividend Yields - Best to take a closer look.

No nonsense advice from Albert Meyer, CA, RIA, CPA of Bastiat Capital, LLC on High Dividend Yields and what you should know before investing...
Social Security Planning in Plano, TX
Workshops at Davis Library or Schimelpfenig Library

Join us at Davis Library or Schimelpfenig Library in Plano for a 100% NO OBLIGATION, Educational Event about maximizing your Social Security income.

Making the right (or wrong) choice about when you apply for Social Security can make a substantial difference in your income and standard of living in retirement.

Please join Rick Alford, Certified Retirement Planner and President of Alford Retirement Solutions, LLC to discover the latest on Social Security and how your decisions today can affect your retirement.
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