The Member Newsletter
June 2020
'I think 1st Cooperative first'
David Jackson
David Jackson, energy service specialist at Coastal Electric Cooperative, has been a 1 st Cooperative member since 2018, and since joining he has taken full advantage of the credit union's many services.

"I've bought my truck, my daughter’s first car and my boat with the help of 1 st Cooperative," said David. "Those experiences were amazingly convenient, with monthly payments automatically drafted directly from my payroll account. Not to mention, they have some of the lowest interest rates anywhere!"

"John [Middleton] is the go-to guy when it comes to financing," David said. "When I need funding, I think 1 st Cooperative first."

Members often think of cars and trucks when borrowing for a new ride, but the credit union makes loans for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), boats and farm equipment, too. Members who think like David about the credit union first could make the buying process easier and cheaper. Contact the lenders at (803) 796-0234 or email them here.

Photo: David Jackson pictured with the truck he financed through 1 st Cooperative
'Always easy to deal with'
Robert Thomspon
Robert "RC" Thompson loves riding around with his grandson, Easton, on the utility task vehicle (UTV) RC financed with 1 st Cooperative.

"It was so easy," said RC, who's worked at Marlboro Electric Cooperative since 2002. "I did all my paperwork through email. They are always easy to deal with, and they work with you on payment dates."

In addition to the UTV loan, RC also has a vehicle loan, a 1 st Cooperative VISA Platinum credit card and a Health Savings Account.

"I love that whenever I call, the staff is always so nice and understanding," he said.

Photo: Easton and his grandpa, RC Thompson, on the 2018 Kawasaki UTV financed through 1 st Cooperative
Annual meeting goes virtual
This year's 1 st Cooperative Federal Credit Union annual meeting has been rescheduled for August 25. However, because of COVID-19, the meeting will take place virtually using the WebEx video conference system.

"We're disappointed we can't get together with everyone in person, but it's the right thing to do to keep our members and our staff safe," said 1 st Cooperative Vice President & COO Jo Ann Burnside.

The WebEx meeting will take place at 11 a.m. on August 25. Members will receive a special link to join the meeting by computer, tablet or smartphone.
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