April 9, 2020
Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go(Joshua 1:9 NASB
Why Do I Love God?

A couple of days ago I opened a devotion book that I had been using and this what I saw…… Why Do I Love Jesus?  I have to say that when I read it my first thought was what a dumb question. I immediately began to l ist all the reasons that I could respond to “Why I Love Jesus!”

Our pastor is always talking about Sunday School answers, so I must admit I began to come up with a lot of Sunday School responses. And then it hit me……...” Why Do I Love Jesus?

Several days prior I ran into a friend of mine at our local $General. I am frequenting that store a lot here lately. It is small, not a lot of people and I feel comfortable picking up some necessary items without navigating some of the bigger stores. When I met my friend in the aisle the first impulse was to hug and so we laughed at the awkward body movements. (I am a hugger, so this has been hard.) She looked at me and said I am not worried. I know where I am going and if He chooses to take me, I am ready. She then laughed and said that is my sermon for today and you are getting it free of charge! We spent the next few minutes discussing how people who don’t know Jesus are coping with this pandemic.

Let’s go back to the initial question. WHY? My prayer is that you are learning to fall deeply in love with Jesus, especially during these scary times. I encourage you to love Him wholeheartedly. I know for me my prayer has been obviously for healing but more importantly for peace. Peace that will calm my fears. Peace that will flood over me and let me remember that God’s got this. There are some very positive things that have come from the events of the last several weeks and the most important is a nation-wide return to prayer. Let’s continue to lift those prayers up.

I talked to you last week about Faith Over Fear!  I continue to have a strong urgency that I need to be doing something. I am a doer, so it also has been a struggle. Overwhelmingly God has spoken to me and has said “Just stay close. Pray lots. Let me fill your anxious moments with my peace. “

In the next few days continue to draw close to Him. For now, that is what he needs us to do! 

Prayer Concerns

Christina Massey, Rodney and Teresa Walls-
In quarantine at Faith Home. All are healthy at this time.
In quarantine at home in Kentucky.
Joyce Porcadilla-
Prayer for the people of the Philippines and our ministries there as
most are suspended due to the virus.
Dr. Prakash’s family and the Vemulas in India
Pedro and Elida Quesada and our sisters and brothers in Mexico
Amanda Dunn and the staff at Saipan Community School and Church
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