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February 2017
Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC
In past articles we have described the effects of dysfunctioning organs upon the neuromuscular system and how nutritional deficiencies, enzyme deficiencies, toxins, or food intolerances can create spinal and joint misalignments through shared spinal innervation.
This article is about the fascia.  Fascia is the white fibrous material that overlays muscles and joints and even organs, nerves and blood vessels.  Most doctors pay little attention to this tissue thinking that it has little effect upon ones symptomotology.  The reality is that most of the proprioceptive system is inside the fascia, not the muscle, therefore the fascia has a direct effect upon muscle tone, movement, loss of elasticity, and position of body parts.
In other words, the anatomical misalignment can be due to soft tissue, mainly the effects from the fascia.  Fascial adhesions from past injuries, toxin deposits, old infections, vaccines and antibiotics can distort the fascia and therefore create misalignments, known to the patient as "nerve pain", "back is out", "kink" in the neck or just stiff.
Few doctors specifically analyze the fascia as a source of the patient's problem.  Those that do usually use extremely deep pressure to heal it.  Our office uses a fairly new machine that sends a wave of up to 5 inches deep that clears the fascia of adhesions and resets the tonic reflexes for improved and balanced muscle function.

If you or a family member or a friend has a chronic problem, refer them to our office.  We will find the source of the problem and even better, the underlying cause.
 Always look for the natural cure.  Spread the word and 
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